What Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Can and Cannot Fix

Change your nose, no surgery needed. Non-surgical rhinoplasty uses dermal fillers to shape and enhance the nose without incisions, downtime, or scarring. After a few injections, you’ll enjoy an improved nasal appearance for up to six months.  Non-surgical rhinoplasty is highly effective, but it doesn’t replace a surgical nose job. Learn what this procedure can… Read More

Dry Winter Lips? Try Lip Fillers!

Cold winter weather means dry, irritated lips. This winter, find relief in an unexpected way. Lip fillers, especially those containing hyaluronic acid, may boost hydration in your skin and lips. Call MAE Plastic Surgery to schedule your lip filler treatment or to learn more. Hyaluronic Acid- Rich, Nourishing, and Moisturizing Hyaluronic acid’s name implies a… Read More

The Magic of Lasers: What Are My Options?

Abracadabra and all your wrinkles are gone. If this sounds like a magic show you’d like to see, come on into MAE Plastic Surgery. We use a different magic word and wand around here, specifically lasers, but our results are so effective they feel like magic, even though they aren’t. Explore your options for laser… Read More