Laser Hair Removal

Thanks to laser hair removal, you can finally escape the drudgery of your hair removal routine; no more nasty razor cuts and sore razor burns, and no more stinging monthly waxing sessions. With just a few non-surgical treatments, that permanently smooth, hairless skin you’ve always dreamed of is within your reach. MAE Plastic Surgery offers the pinnacle of laser hair removal: the Diolaze Laser, one of the most efficient and safest ways to permanently remove hair.

The Diolaze Laser consistently sets the standard when it comes to laser hair removal; it was the very first high-speed diode hair removal system, delivering an unparalleled amount of power in record time. It also has one of the biggest spot sizes for laser hair removal, giving the capability to target a larger area for treatment more efficiently than other lasers. It might sound like a contradiction, but despite its power and efficiency, the Diolaze Laser is nevertheless an incredibly comfortable, painless treatment. Diolaze Laser also works flawlessly for fair to medium dark skin, removing even the coarsest of hairs at the root. It’s versatile enough to be used on virtually every area that has hair: your bikini area, chest, back, legs, stomach, neck, and more.

Diolaze For Laser Hair Removal

The Diolaze laser uses a powerful, but safe diode laser to eliminate the hair follicles and prevent them from growing hair ever again. The diode laser delivers heat in quick pulses, with the lasers reaching through the skin to target the hair follicles. Diolaze’s powerful laser is combined with an equally powerful cooling system that counteracts the laser’s heat, making your laser hair removal as gentle as possible.

The remarkable efficiency of the Diolaze treatment is due to its high pulse rate and one-of-a-kind diode scanning technology, allowing for a faster rate of targeting of a large amount of hair follicles.

Diolaze Results

Like all laser hair removal systems, Diolaze specifically targets mature hairs for removal, and it just so happens that not all hairs in the treatment area are mature at the same time. It’s essential to have multiple Diolaze treatments spread apart by weeks in order to catch all the hairs in the desired treatment area. The number of treatments advised for the Diolaze will be customized depending on what area you want to work on, how your body reacts to treatment, and what your aesthetic goals are. After each Diolaze treatment, some patients experience temporary redness and irritation much like a sunburn, but this is temporary and should go away soon enough.

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