Lip Augmentation in Chicago at MAE Plastic Surgery

Flat, thin lips deserve volume, too. If your lips have taken on a deflated appearance due to age or genetics, lip augmentation at MAE Plastic Surgery may be the solution you need. A lip augmentation procedure can enhance the appearance of your lips, adding volume and improving shape. 

At MAE Plastic Surgery in Chicago, we offer surgical and non-surgical options for lip enhancement. Contact us to learn more about what we offer or to schedule your treatment. 

What Are My Options for Lip Augmentation at MAE Plastic Surgery?

Whether you’re seeking permanent results or lip enhancement without downtime, with so many choices for lip augmentation, we can provide a customized treatment experience and beautiful, natural-looking results. 

The best way to determine what will work best for you is to schedule a consultation. By exploring your lip enhancement options with an experienced aesthetic professional, you can determine if a surgical or non-surgical approach is most likely to achieve your desired results. 

Surgical Lip Augmentation

Surgical lip augmentation is ideal for patients seeking permanent results. There are a few surgical lip enhancement techniques, but the most common include the following.

  • Lip lift: A lip lift creates the appearance of a fuller lip by extending the visible portion of the pink upper lip. A surgeon carefully removes a small amount of skin and tissue from beneath the nose and extends the lip to fill this space. Shortening the distance between the nose and the lip rejuvenates the appearance of the lips helps them to appear fuller and larger. 
  • Fat grafting: Fat grafting volumizes the lip using your natural body fat. Using liposuction, a lip lift provider extracts a small amount of fat from elsewhere on your body, then injects it into your lips. As transferred fat cells take root in their new home and integrate into the lip tissue, the lip gains lasting fullness that typically volumizes much longer than an injectable lip filler. 
  • Lip implants: Add permanent volume to the lip with an implant. Placing surgical implants into the upper or lower lip provides volume and shape. Implants are long-lasting and will continue to enhance the lips’ appearance unless you choose to have them removed. 

Surgical approaches to lip augmentation typically require more downtime than nonsurgical treatments. A skilled surgeon carefully places incisions in discreet locations to minimize or eliminate visible scarring. 

Non-Surgical Lip Augmentation With Dermal Fillers

Nonsurgical lip augmentation involves injecting dermal fillers into the lips. The fillers add volume to the lips, enhancing their shape. Carefully placing each injection optimizes the lips’ contours and creates an ideal size and appearance. 

Lip fillers create effective results without downtime or surgery, but they are temporary. Patients will need to return to our office a few times each year for follow-up injections to maintain their lips’ fullness and appearance. 

Surgical or Nonsurgical Lip Augmentation: Which Is Right for Me?

Surgical and nonsurgical options for lip augmentation can bring you excellent results. If you’re considering lip enhancement, we encourage you to visit our office to explore potential treatments. Dr. Epstein and our team of aesthetic professionals can help you choose the most effective treatment options for your situation. 

Surgical lip augmentation tends to create a longer-lasting, often permanent result, but requires a recovery period and some downtime. Nonsurgical treatment with lip fillers in Chicago offers an instant improvement in the appearance of the lips without downtime, but results are temporary. 

What to Expect From a Chicago Lip Filler Treatment

Lip fillers are one of the most popular options for lip augmentation in Chicago. You can get this nonsurgical treatment during an office visit in one of our comfortable treatment rooms. You can return to work and other activities immediately with no downtime. Side effects are minimal and usually fade within a few days. 

Lip injections start with a consultation. You’ll meet with one of our experienced injectors to talk about your treatment goals and to choose the best lip filler for your situation. After you’ve discussed the treatment in depth with your injector, the injection process will begin. 

We start by cleansing the lips to remove any makeup or lip balm from the skin, then placing injections in and around your lips. We use a syringe with a tiny, fine needle to ensure accurate placement of each injection and a smooth, natural-looking result. 

A typical treatment takes less than 30 minutes. You may choose to pair lip fillers with filler treatments on other areas of the face or BOTOX® to treat wrinkles on the forehead, brows, or around the eyes. 

Learn More About Lip Fillers in Chicago

Volumize and enhance the lips with dermal fillers or surgery. If you’re interested in learning more about lip augmentation in Chicago, call MAE Plastic Surgery at (847) 205-1680 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Epstein. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Lip Augmentation in Chicago

How much do lip fillers cost in Chicago? 

The cost of lip fillers in Chicago depends on the filler used and the amount of product needed. We’ll provide personalized pricing after examining your lips. 

How long do lip filler results last? 

Lip fillers provide temporary but long-lasting results. Typically, you’ll need retreatment every six to nine months to maintain a beautifully enhanced lip appearance. 

Am I a good candidate for lip augmentation with dermal fillers? 

Most people who desire lip augmentation are good candidates for treatment with dermal fillers. To find out if you’re a candidate for this procedure, contact our office and schedule a consultation. 

Are filler injections painful? 

Most patients find treatment with dermal fillers is very tolerable. We can use a topical numbing cream before treatment if desired. Many of the fillers used contain lidocaine to gently numb the lips and reduce discomfort. 

What type of filler do you use for lip injections? 

Hyaluronic acid fillers are an excellent choice for lip augmentation. Hyaluronic acid, abbreviated HA, is a natural substance found in the body. It is water-loving and helps the lips stay supple and moisturized. The soft gel formulation of these fillers feels very natural, almost identical to lip tissue. HA lip fillers allow us to create natural-looking fullness and a beautiful shape with every lip augmentation we perform. 

Can I get lip filler injections with my facelift? 

Many people choose to pair injectable treatments with other surgical facial cosmetic treatments or have them performed after they’ve recovered from facelift or brow lift surgery.

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