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Hydrafacial or Microneedling for Skin Rejuvenation: How to Decide

Are you mired in skincare decision fatigue? With so many effective treatments available, it can be difficult to know which one to choose. Which treatment will best target your age spots? Is this treatment worth its cost? Are you choosing the right option for your skin? If your head is spinning from all the decisions,… Read More

Hydrafacial for Older Adults: 5 Ways this Super-Facial Rejuvenates Skin

We get it: the models promoting the latest, greatest skin therapy tend to be about 18 years old. They don’t even need professional skin treatment!  Our typical patient isn’t 18. He or she is usually over 40 and looking to recapture their skin’s youthful vibrancy. We’ve had some great results with the HydraFacial and want… Read More

How to Lighten Age Spots at Home and in the Clinic

Are you seeing spots because of the aging process? Age spots can be an infuriating side effect of aging. Small patches of darkened pigmentation dot across the skin. Age spots are also called liver spots, although they are solely a skin condition, with no relation to the liver.  What can you do about age spots?… Read More

Uneven breasts? How Breast Augmentation Puts an End to Asymmetry

Though most women pursue breast augmentation with the goal of increasing their breast size, breast implants may be chosen to address a number of other cosmetic issues. These versatile medical devices can create a more pleasing breast shape, narrow the distance between the breasts, and balance asymmetrical breasts. Breast Asymmetry: How Much is Too Much?… Read More

Facelift for Women Over 50: Why Surgery is the Best Rejuvenation for Older Skin

While there is not a right or wrong age for having a facelift, women 50 or above tend to think about this cosmetic improvement more than their younger counterparts. Several factors lead women in their fifties down this path of exploring this life-changing procedure. When a woman passes middle age, she will inevitably notice physical… Read More

Showing: 1–6 of 276