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The Growing Trend of Elective Surgery

In this world where youthfulness, health, and beauty are not just a growing fad, but a way of life, greater numbers of people are having cosmetic surgery. They have embraced these elective procedures as a way to either postpone the aging process or refine a body part to enhance their overall appearance. Having elective plastic… Read More

How Long Will Fat Grafting Results Last?

You’re not alone if you struggle to feel self-confident due to tired, wrinkled skin. You may also wish that you were more curvaceous in certain areas. The fat grafting process makes it possible to achieve a more aesthetically appealing look by transferring fat from a donor region onto another area of your body to produce… Read More

Tips on Scarring Reduction After Surgery

When the skin endures damage, whether through surgery, a wound, burns, or other injuries, there is a chance of scarring. You may have scabbed your knee as a child and developed a scar that faded over time. Surgery is no different; after an incision, scarring becomes a possibility, no matter where the surgery occurs.  … Read More

Showing: 1–6 of 343