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The Diolite® laser treats vascular and pigmented lesions such as facial spider veins, age spots, freckles, and more. A vascular lesion is formed by abnormally large or numerous blood vessels located directly under the surface of the skin. These vessels may be visible through the skin or may result in a red appearance of the skin (such as broken capillaries). Pigmented lesions result from an overabundance of a pigment called melanin. While melanin can give skin a golden glow, it can also cause freckles, age spots, and moles.

The Diolite® laser generates an intense beam of light that is aimed directly at the targets to destroy them, while leaving the healthy skin cells intact. The results are quite dramatic! For some patients, a single treatment is sufficient, while others may require additional sessions. Final results should be evident within 10 to 14 days for vascular lesions, and within two to three weeks for pigmented lesions.

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