Everyday our skin is subjected to various harsh factors that can cause damage. The sun, pollution, UV rays, and toxins are only some of the harmful elements that we face daily. These factors, combined with aging, can turn the skin dull and wrinkled. MAE Plastic Surgery offers the best solution to keep the skin healthy, young, and radiant. Hydrafacial MD is the latest rejuvenation technology with the ability to reverse skin damage, allowing you to have a renewed and more youthful, vibrant look.

What Is Hydrafacial?


Hydrafacial MD is the world’s leading, cutting-edge technology for non-invasive, multi-step skin rejuvenation. It combines advanced hydradermabrasion, chemical peels, automated pore extractions, and a powerful application of serums rich with antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid. Hydrafacial MD is suitable for different kinds of skin types and heals a wide range of issues instantly without any downtime or discomfort.

Hydrafacial Steps


The Hydrafacial treatment is a 6-step procedure for comprehensive skin rejuvenation. Hydrafacial MD is unique from other facial treatments because it uses a serum delivery system called Vortex-fusion. The multiple steps work to clear the skin from impurities, while saturating the skin with a healing serum. Hydrafacial MD consists of the following steps:

  1. Vortex Exfoliation: This step uses Active-4 serum to remove dead skin cells to expose the healthier skin layer.
  1. Vortex Peel: Next, a mixture of glycolic and salicylic acid called GlySal is utilized for instant peeling without the consequences of a post-peel.
  1. Vortex Extraction: Then, the pores are cleaned out using the exclusive Beta-HD, which uses a painless automated vortex suction.
  1. Vortex Boost: Then, a specific serum that address specific skin conditions are delivered to the skin.
  1. Vortex Fusion: This step uses a serum combination of Antioxidants, Hyaluronic Acid and Peptides called Antiox+ that nourishes and protects the skin.
  1. Extend and Protect: We then prescribe Daily Essentials to help you maintain your new, healthy skin.

Who Can Benefit from Hydrafacial MD?

Hydrafacial MD is perfect for all skin types. Teens, young adults, and older patients can all benefit from this phenomenal technology to achieve flawless skin. If you have the following skin problems, Hydrafacial MD is the treatment for you:

  • Aging skin with fine lines and wrinkles
  • Decreasing skin elasticity and firmness
  • Uneven skin tone that lacks vibrancy
  • Rough skin
  • Brown spots
  • Oily and congested skin
  • Large pores
  • Early signs of skin aging

Skin Treatment Options

Hydrafacial is powerful enough to treat a wide range of skin conditions. After assessment of the skin, the Hydrafacial treatment can be customized and tailored depending on the patient’s needs. To target the problem and apply an appropriate solution, Hydrafacial combines different steps for skin renewal. Below are some treatment options for specific concerns:

To achieve healthy skin

To acquire the healthiest skin possible, the Hydrafacial treatment includes Vortex-Exfoliation, Vortex-Peel™, Vortex-Extraction™, Vortex-Fusion™ and Extend and Protect.

To diminish the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles

To achieve youthful looking skin, the Hydrafacial treatment includes Vortex-Exfoliation™, Vortex-Peel™, Vortex-Extraction™, Vortex-Boost™, Vortex-Fusion™, Extend and Protect.

Defying the signs of aging

To reverse aging and fight its accompanying persistent signs, the Hydrafacial treatment includes Vortex-Exfoliation™, Vortex-Peel™, Vortex-Extraction™, Vortex-Boost™, Vortex-Fusion™, and Extend and Protect.

To awaken dull skin

Skin brightening is also possible with Hydrafacial treatment. To get rid of dark spots, the procedure includes Vortex-Exfoliation™, Vortex-Peel™, Vortex-Extraction™, Britenol® Vortex-Booster™, Vortex-Fusion™, Extend and Protect.

For oily and congested skin

Buildup of excess oils can be prevented with Hydrafacial. To clear out the skin of congestion and impurities, the procedure includes Vortex-Exfoliation™, Vortex-Peel™, Vortex-Extraction™, Vortex-Fusion™, Extend and Protect.

For sensitive skin

Hydrafacial can also soothe sensitive skin. It gently cleanses and exfoliates skin, while also protecting it using anti-oxidants and ultra-hydrating hyaluronic acid. The procedure involves Vortex-Exfoliation™, Vortex-Peel™, Vortex-Extraction™, Vortex-Boost™, Extend and Protect.

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