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Full, sensual, voluptuous lips are highly desirable for many women. For patients born with naturally thin lips, or those who have experienced thinning of the upper lip due to age, a simple addition of volume may be all that might be necessary for correction.  However there are times, that as we age, that not only does the lip thin, but it becomes elongated as well.  It is in those cases that a surgical upper lip lift may be necessary.

MAE Plastic Surgery is one of Chicago’s top plastic surgery practices and specializes in enhancements for the face. Our board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Epstein has performed many successful lip enhancement procedures, helping our patients achieve their desired lip volume and appearance.

What Is a Lip Lift?

A lip lift, also called a surgical lip flip, is a simple procedure that shortens the skin portion of the upper lip that runs between the base of the nose and the vermillion of the upper lip.  As aging occurs the skin of the upper lip often lengthens and the vermillion thins out and becomes more hidden.  That is why excising redundant skin from under the nose is used to shorten the lip and at the same time this will turn the pink vermillion outward to make it more visible.  A lip lift increases the visibility of the teeth while causing the upper lip to appear thicker. This simple procedure can revitalize the mid-facial appearance. If you choose, you may combine your surgical lip lift in Chicago with dermal fillers, or pair it with other facial surgeries, including facelift, brow lift, and rhinoplasty.


Benefits of a Surgical Upper Lip Lift

There are many benefits to a surgical lip flip in Chicago. These include:

  • Increased visible pink lip
  • Lifted corners of the mouth for a happier resting appearance
  • A more youthful look
  • Improved shape of the upper lip
  • More prominent lip line
  • Permanent enhancement

If you’re curious about the benefits you may experience from a lip lift, schedule a consultation with Dr. Epstein and explore this procedure with our board-certified plastic surgeon.


What Happens During the Lip Lift Procedure?

A lip lift is a quick and straightforward procedure Dr. Epstein can perform on its own or pair with other facial surgeries.   He can give you a better idea of what to expect from the surgery during your consultation.

Typically, he begins by making an incision to remove a small strip of tissue from the skin under the nose. The lip is then lifted upward by suturing it to the incision line under the nose in a concealed area so the resultant scar is hardly visible.

After creating your intended results, Dr. Epstein dresses the lip with antibiotic ointment to protect it and keep it clean. Patients spend a short time in recovery before returning home to rest.

Recovery After a Lip Lift

Patients generally recover quickly after lip lift surgery, especially those who choose to have this procedure performed as a stand-alone surgery not paired with other facial techniques. Swelling is one of the most considerable post-surgery complaints. Swelling typically begins shortly after surgery and increases for the first few days before subsiding.

We ask patients to limit activity for the first couple of days and slowly reintroduce daily activities. We recommend taking gentle walks, starting within a few days of surgery. Avoid strenuous activities for at least two weeks. Most patients miss two to three weeks of work.

Full results take time. Most patients find their appearance starts to look pleasing around two to three months after surgery and continue to improve for several months as swelling resolves.

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Learn more about lip surgery in Chicago by contacting MAE Plastic Surgery, one of the most trusted plastic surgery practices in the Chicago area. We specialize in surgical lip enhancement and other procedures to help patients feel confident in their facial appearance. To learn more about your options for lip enhancement in Chicago, contact our office and schedule a consultation.

Answers to Common Questions About Lip Lift in Chicago

Is anesthesia required for a lip lift in Chicago?

A lip lift is a quick outpatient procedure using only local anesthetic. For patients who choose to combine a lip lift with other facial procedures, we typically use general anesthesia.

Who is the best lip lift surgeon in Chicago?

Dr. Epstein is the plastic surgeon at MAE Plastic Surgery and an expert in cosmetic enhancement for the face and nose. He is an expert in surgical lip enhancement and a top pick for lip surgery in Chicago.

How much does a lip lift cost in Chicago?

We believe in a personalized approach to every procedure performed at MAE Plastic Surgery, including our lip lift. Your procedure’s cost will depend on the extent of your surgery and any complementary treatments performed simultaneously. You’ll receive a detailed estimate during your pre-surgery consultation.

How long do lip lift results last?

A lip lift is a surgical procedure with permanent results. While natural aging will continue after surgery, most patients find that they always enjoy a fuller lip than they would have without the procedure.

What will I look like after a lip lift?

A lip lift refreshes the appearance of the lips and mid-face. Our patients tell us they feel more youthful and sensual after this procedure. To get a better idea of the results that are possible with this procedure, browse our gallery of Chicago lip lift before-and-after pictures.

What non-surgical alternatives to lip lift surgery are available?

Surgery isn’t the only option for adding the appearance of fullness to the lip area. We also use injectable dermal fillers to volumize and augment the lips.

Will I have scarring after a lip lift?

Dr. Epstein places the incision for a lip lift at the base of the nose. These locations hide scarring, making it practically imperceptible after healing. While incisions may be visible for the first few months, after full recovery, most patients report little to no noticeable scarring after this procedure.

Am I a good candidate for a lip lift?

If you desire an upper lip that appears fuller, you may be a candidate for lip lift surgery in Chicago. Most patients who are considering this procedure have previously tried dermal fillers, but desire a more permanent, natural-looking result.

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