Why Facial Cosmetic in Chicago, IL?

Facial aesthetic surgery in Chicago is intended to improve the appearance of the face and correct the changes associated with aging. My Aesthetic Experience, also known as MAE Plastic Surgery, performs the following facial surgery procedures for residents of Chicago, the Chicagoland area, Northbrook and surrounding communities in Illinois.

 What Chicago Facial Surgery  procedure is right for me?

There are many possible procedures, both surgical and non-surgical, that might be suggested during your consultation with Dr. Epstein. The face, eyes, and neck age in different ways and at different rates from person to person. After you have met with the doctor, or aesthetic nurse specialist, a plan for rejuvenating your face will be devised and then the proposed pricing will be discussed. This way, you have an understanding of expectations for healing times, results, and cost before your procedure has been completed.

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Our board certified plastic surgeons, Dr. Epstein and Dr. Krochmal, perform plastic surgery for patients all over Chicago and the surrounding areas. Our office is only 8 miles east of Wheeling and 12 miles north of Evanston IL, so you can easily set up a plastic surgery consultation at your convenience. Call us today for scheduling.

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