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Dr. Michael Epstein is well known for his facelift and other facial rejuvenating surgical procedures and has a terrific reputation throughout the Chicago area for creating smooth and natural-looking results with these regenerative procedures. However, even with the best facelift surgeon, the timing may not always be right for surgical correction.  Some of our patients are seeking a solution to facial aging through less invasive means. MAE Plastic Surgery introduces SkinTite, a less invasive skin tightening option that lifts and tightens skin.  Sagging, aging skin doesn’t have to happen to everyone.

What is SkinTite by MAE Plastic Surgery?

Loose skin and excess fat are two hallmarks of the aging process. SkinTite seeks to address these common problems with a combination of less invasive procedures that are specific to the individual patient’s needs. SkinTite  is a skin-tightening treatment designed to improve the overall contour of the target area. This treatment is a combination of several popular energy based cosmetic procedures, most often using various forms of  radio frequency to tighten skin, to remove excess fat when needed,  and improve skin laxity.

At MAE Plastic Surgery, we use SkinTite as a complement to our facial plastic surgery procedures. It can be performed alongside procedures like a facelift, brow lift, or eyelid surgery to enhance the results of these surgical procedures or can be performed alone to tighten facial skin without the need for the more traditional surgical procedures. Many patients turn to SkinTite to delay invasive procedures or to extend the results of surgical treatments.

How Does SkinTite by Work?

Excess or aged skin can sag and lose its shapely, more youthful, contour. SkinTite by MAE Plastic Surgery can not only reduce the appearance of excess skin, but it can also diminish unwanted pockets of fat in a target area. Dr. Epstein will apply local anesthesia and often has the patient put under light sedation before the procedure. If unwanted excess fat is a part of the problem he will  use a small cannula to gently remove unwanted fat in that target area and a radio-frequency treatment will then be used to encourage skin contraction without the need for surgery. The SkinTite procedure is about the average length of a liposuction treatment and often has little to no post-procedure bruising and swelling.

After the procedure, patients slowly start to notice their skin looks tighter and smoother. As the skin contracts, facial features like the jawline and cheeks will regain definition and return to a more youthful appearance. Since SkinTite induces tissue remodeling, results are long-lasting. This procedure rebuilds your skin from within as it helps the skin to retain the characteristics of youthful skin. 

SkinTite can improve the appearance of many areas of the face including:

  • Brows
  • Cheeks
  • Jawline
  • Mid-Face
  • Lower-Face
  • Around the nose and lips
  • Around the eyes

Who are Ideal Candidates for SkinTite by MAE Plastic Surgery?

Facial aging happens to all of us and when it does, SkinTite is a valuable solution for turning back the clock. This innovative treatment is a wonderful solution for individuals who have sagging skin on the face and neck with or without unwanted pockets of fat. The best candidates for SkinTite are those in relatively good health. We recommend this treatment for patients that want to avoid or delay surgical treatments or enhance the results of surgical procedures. 

SkinTite’s powerful rejuvenation using RF can tighten and smooth skin that is experiencing a loss of elasticity. We find this treatment is highly effective on patients with moderate to poor skin elasticity. Since SkinTite utilizes liposuction to re-establish youthful facial contours, patients can have pockets of unwanted fat, like a double chin. Excess fat is not needed to benefit from SkinTite.

What is the Recovery of SkinTite by MAE Plastic Surgery Like?

SkinTite often requires just a short recovery period or downtime.  The treatment is minimally invasive and therefore the scars are so small you can barely see them. Bruising and swelling are typically minimal after this treatment. Patients can go home and resume normal activities shortly after the procedure.

Our patients are excited to see the results of their treatments and often ask, “When will I see results after SkinTite?” You’ll start to see skin tightening and changes in your facial contours immediately, but these early results are just preliminary. For 6-12 weeks after treatment, the skin will continue to remodel and tighten. While underlying healing goes on for many months visible results are typically seen within 12 weeks. SkinTite is long-lasting and most patients will enjoy long-term results. 

Are you ready to tighten up with SkinTite? Contact Dr. Epstein to learn more about this new, innovative procedure for less invasive facial rejuvenation. Call today to schedule a consultation at MAE Plastic Surgery located in Northbrook.

Frequently Asked Questions About SkinTite in Chicago

How Much Does SkinTite Cost in Chicago?

We know how important it is to know your costs before scheduling a cosmetic procedure. Because the extent of the procedure varies depending on how each patient presents a detailed quote for their SkinTite treatment can only be given after their evaluation and during their consultation.

Is SkinTite an Alternative to a Facelift? 

SkinTite helps many of our patients to avoid or delay invasive procedures like a facelift. While this procedure can create a dramatic facial transformation without surgery, it isn’t a substitute for a facelift performed by a skilled plastic surgeon like Dr. Epstein. Only a facelift can remove excess skin from the lower face and lift and reposition facial tissues. A facelift remains the gold standard for facial rejuvenation, although innovative procedures like SkinTite can help patients to delay and enhance the results of these surgical treatments. 

Can Anyone Benefit from SkinTite?

 SkinTite is a versatile treatment that is ideal for many patients, but like all cosmetic treatments, it may not be the right fit for every situation. Before recommending SkinTite to you, we’ll talk about your treatment goals, lifestyle, and medical history to make sure this treatment is right for you. If SkinTite isn’t the best option for your situation, Dr. Epstein can recommend other treatment options. As one of Chicago’s top facial plastic surgery practices, MAE Plastic Surgery has countless options for facial rejuvenation. 

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Only one treatment may be needed to obtain optimal SkinTite results. Dr. Epstein may recommend maintenance treatments or follow-up to help you maintain your results. 

Is SkinTite Safe?

The safety of our patients is one of our biggest priorities at MAE Plastic Surgery. Dr. Epstein has carefully evaluated the safety information for every treatment we offer including SkinTite. While there are risks to every cosmetic treatment, we believe this treatment is a safe choice for qualified patients. To ensure optimal safety, we’ll carefully review your medical history before the procedure and will discuss the risks and benefits of treatment with you so you can make an informed choice.

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