The Growing Trend of Elective Surgery

In this world where youthfulness, health, and beauty are not just a growing fad, but a way of life, greater numbers of people are having cosmetic surgery. They have embraced these elective procedures as a way to either postpone the aging process or refine a body part to enhance their overall appearance. Having elective plastic… Read More

What Are the Targeted Areas for a Liquid Facelift?

What can cosmetic injectables do for you? Best known for smoothing wrinkles by restoring lost volume from the aging process, injectables are a popular option for refreshing key areas of the face like the brows and forehead. However, injectables can do a lot more than smooth wrinkles and fine lines. Injectables are often used in… Read More

10 Apartment Friendly Cardio Moves

In the current world situation, it can be harder than ever to maintain your aesthetic goals. Exercising is a crucial way to improve your ultimate results, whether you are healing from a surgical procedure or preparing for one. Here at MAE Plastic Surgery, we’re committed to helping you achieve a better version of yourself, which… Read More

BOTOX® vs. Dysport: Similar but Not the Same

Smoother skin and fewer wrinkles are a dream for many of our patients. Botulinum toxin treatments, including BOTOX® and Dysport, help us to make those dreams come true. These treatments relax the muscles that cause common facial wrinkles. They are very effective and require no surgery and no downtime. It’s not surprising that BOTOX® and… Read More