10 Apartment Friendly Cardio Moves

In the current world situation, it can be harder than ever to maintain your aesthetic goals. Exercising is a crucial way to improve your ultimate results, whether you are healing from a surgical procedure or preparing for one. Here at MAE Plastic Surgery, we’re committed to helping you achieve a better version of yourself, which is why we’ve assembled some ways to work out without going out!

Everyone can exercise at home, even if you don’t have a lot of space to spare. These easy cardio moves will keep your body in its best shape. Best of all, they’re all apartment-friendly, no equipment is needed, and these moves don’t make a lot of noise.


Everyone knows the squat. This time-honored move has been popular for decades, and for good reason. It’s great for toning up the legs and buttocks. These are also a great way to complement your Brazilian butt lift results.

Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers are one of our favorite indoor cardio moves. This simple exercise is great for beginners, working out both your legs and core.

To start, get in a push-up position. Jump one leg forward, so it rests between your hands. Now you’re in position! Alternate the positioning of your legs by moving each one forward and back.

High Lows

Touch the air, then touch your toes. Stand with your feet shoulder-distance apart and extend your hands high in the air. Lower them to your shoulders and then bend to touch your toes. Repeat.

Squat Thrust

Take your mountain climbers to the next level with a squat thrust. Now instead of alternating legs, you’ll move both together. If you’re in an upstairs apartment or want to lessen the impact on your joints, this exercise can be performed using sliders.

Shadow Boxing

You don’t need boxing gloves or a sparring partner to enjoy the cardio benefits of boxing. Stand in a boxing stance and throw your best punch. Move your feet gently and quickly as throw jabs and crosses. Imagine an invisible boxing partner and duck and lunge as you avoid their blows.

Fast Feet

Get your feet moving, and fast. Hold your feet at hip-width, lower your body into a squat position, and reach forward with your arms. Now move your feet as fast as you can, staying on the balls of your feet and alternating your weight from one foot to the other.

Hit the Stairs

Does your apartment complex have a flight of stairs? Walking briskly up and down stairs can get your heart rate jumping almost immediately.


Give your core an intense workout. Planks are a simple and effective way to keep your abdomen tight after abdominoplasty or liposuction.

Get into push-up position and hold. Planks can also be performed by resting your forearms on the ground and keeping your back and core in a tight, flat positioning.


Push-ups are a great, apartment-friendly move that can be easily incorporated into a cardio circuit. Start with sets of 10 and build up to more extensive sets as your strength grows.

Running in Place

Go for a jog in the comfort of your own home. We love running in place when we can’t go out.

When Can I Resume Cardio After Plastic Surgery?

Healing after plastic surgery happens quickly. Most of our patients are workout ready in just four to six weeks after their procedure. Dr. Epstein will let you know when you’re ready to start exercising again.

Enhance your Chicago plastic surgery results with exercise, and your exercise results with plastic surgery. Call Dr. Michael Epstein at 847-205-1680.