How Long Will Fat Grafting Results Last?

You’re not alone if you struggle to feel self-confident due to tired, wrinkled skin. You may also wish that you were more curvaceous in certain areas. The fat grafting process makes it possible to achieve a more aesthetically appealing look by transferring fat from a donor region onto another area of your body to produce… Read More

Is Facial Fat Grafting Better Than Dermal Fillers?

Fat or fillers – that is the question. When refreshing facial appearance, our patients have many options available, including facial fat grafting and dermal fillers. These two treatments restore facial volume to smooth wrinkles and recreate youthful facial contours. Using fat and fillers to refresh the facial appearance can provide lasting rejuvenation to your appearance. … Read More

Facial Implants or Fat Grafting? Which Solution Is Best for You?

Facial implants and fat grafting are both used to reshape the face. However, the methods for accomplishing the reshaping vary drastically between these two treatments. Our board-certified Chicago plastic surgeons see the beauty and benefit in each treatment option and offer both procedures here at MAE Plastic Surgery. Implants or fat grafting? Our surgeons share… Read More

Your Fat Grafting 4-1-1

Do you ever wish you could take the extra fat from your belly and move it to your buttocks? You won’t need a magic wand to reposition fat and achieve your ideal curves. Fat grafting can help you to achieve your best body. Call today and learn more. What Is Fat Grafting? Fat grafting is… Read More