MAE’s Guide to Spring Skin Care

Changing seasons means changing skin care needs. Spring is a time of fresh starts and renewal. Our spring skin care tips will help you freshen up your face and prepare your skin for summer. Call us to schedule an appointment if you need personalized skin care advice.

Spring Clean Your Skin

Don’t limit your annual spring cleaning to only your home. This year, let your skin get in on the action too. Dead skin cells can build-up on the skin, giving it a tired, dull appearance. By removing these damaged cells, you can brighten and rejuvenate your skin.

Healthy, fresh skin is easy to achieve with a simple, non-surgical treatment performed in our offices. We have a few different options, perfect for spring cleaning your skin. We can help you choose the best fit for your skin type and treatment goals.

  • Chemical Peel– Out with old, dry, dull winter skin and in with radiant, dewy springtime skin. Our chemical peels use an acidic solution to slough off old, dead skin cells and reveal fresh, new skin. It’s like taking off the winter coat that’s been covering up your skin. We have several different peels, designed for specific skin care needs. Our Alpha Hydroxy Peel exfoliates, bleaches, and inhibits pigment production, perfect for patients with sun-damaged skin. Our Glycolic Peel is acne fighting and can keep those breakouts at bay. Our Sensi Peel is ideal for patients with sensitive skin and works great on rosacea. Our TCA Peel softens the appearance of acne scars and is one of our most intense peels. Our Salicylic Peel boosts collagen production, shrinks large pores, and helps oily skin. Our Lactic Peel works wonders on all pigmentation problems including freckles and age spots. Which peel will you choose?


  • Dermaplaning- Dermaplaning uses controlled surgical scraping to manually remove peach fuzz and dead skin cells. We can perform this treatment on its own or pair it with a chemical peel for more dramatic results.


  • Specialized Facial– Get your skin back to glowing with a specialized facial. Come talk with us about your specific needs and we’ll recommend one of our facial treatments. Our Oxygenating Facial Trio is a favorite right before special events, and the first pool party of the summer season definitely counts. We also offer the HydraFacial, a powerful multi-step facial that can reverse skin damage and restore youthful looking skin.

You’ve cleaned your house, now clean your skin. Spring has never looked this gorgeous!

Start Healthy Sunscreen Habits Now

Sunscreen should be a year-round habit, but for many of our patients, daily application doesn’t happen like it should. Make a commitment to better sunscreen habits this year and get started now. We recommend using sunscreen daily to protect skin from sun damage. If you’re not lounging by the beach, you may not burn, but the damage adds up as you walk to your car, your office, and down the street. Since sun damage is a primary cause of premature aging, sunscreen can help your skin to look younger and to age better. Start a new, healthy habit this spring and commit to using sunscreen each day.

Say Goodbye to Unwanted Hair

If shaving is your least favorite part of summer, come in this spring for hair removal. Our laser hair removal treatments can reduce and remove unwanted hair, showing off your beautiful skin. For optimal hair removal, a series of treatments will be needed. Hurry and get started now if you want to enjoy results this summer.

Focus on Non-Surgical Solutions

If you want to spend summer in the sun, non-surgical treatments are your best bet for beautiful skin this spring. After a surgical procedure, incisions need to stay out of the sun while they fade and mature. Choose non-surgical options this spring and come in for surgical treatments when you can commit to staying out of the sun for several weeks.

Find a Favorite Hat

Sunscreen isn’t the only way to protect your skin this spring and summer. Wide brimmed hats and sunglasses should be your favorite accessories as the weather heats up. A good hat can shade your skin on even the sunniest day, protecting it from sun damage. Hats are especially helpful if you’re trying to protect facial incisions from the sun or if you’ve had a recent laser skin resurfacing treatment. Be on the lookout for a high fashion, wide brimmed hat and use it all season long.

Get your skin in the springtime spirit with these tips from MAE Plastic Surgery. Call us to schedule your chemical peels, facials, and other spring treatments. Our skincare experts are ready to answer your questions and help you look your best this spring, summer, and beyond.