Back to School Treatments for A+ Skin

School’s back in session and after a long, crazy summer, we’re guessing that your skin could use a little TLC. Come into MAE Plastic Surgery for a back to school skincare treatment. While you help the kids with homework, we’ll help you ace your skin. Call today and schedule your skincare treatments at one of Chicago’s top plastic surgery practices.

Our Favorite Treatments for Back to School Skin

Back to school signals an upcoming fall, and the many reunions, holidays, and celebrations that come with this glorious season. To prep your skin for fall, we recommend addressing sun damage, smoothing wrinkles, and shedding old, tired layers of skin. We would love to make some personalized recommendations for your skin. Come in for a quick exam, and we’ll create your customized treatment plan.

Our favorite back to school treatments include:

  • BOTOX®- Just like teacher has a favorite student, plastic surgeons have their favorite treatments. The “teacher’s pet” of many aesthetic practices is BOTOX®, a powerful wrinkle treatment designed for dynamic wrinkles. This treatment can smooth your crow’s feet and erase frown lines. With millions of BOTOX® treatments performed each year, you’ll know that you’re receiving a time-tested and effective option for wrinkle treatment. This is one of the most popular non-surgical treatments we offer.
  • Chemical Peel- A new school year means a new start, both for your kiddos and for your skin. A chemical peel sheds old, outer layers of skin and reveals fresh, new skin. This treatment is great for wrinkles, sun damage and more. Come in for a deeper intensive peel to treat specific skin concerns or opt for a lighter peel for monthly skin maintenance.
  • HydraFacial- For important events, and we think the first day of school qualifies, our HydraFacial is one of our favorite treatment options. You’ll enjoy smoother, brighter, rejuvenated skin with just one treatment and without a prolonged recovery period. Many patients receive a single treatment before events, while other patients enjoy continuous and improving results with regular HydraFacials.

Back to School, Back to Skincare

Summer is a busy time for many of our patients, and careful skincare routines often fall out of practice. Now that you’re getting back to your regular daily schedule, we encourage you to also get back into the skincare habit.

Quality products at home are important for ensuring your best skin. Come in and we’ll help you figure out what your skin needs to look its best. It is the little, daily actions that can make a big difference in your skin’s overall appearance.

Pair your at-home efforts with regular visits with MAE Plastic Surgery. Monthly or quarterly treatments in our medspa can complement your at-home efforts. We offer a full range of facials, injectables, laser and light treatments, chemical peels, and more. These treatments can improve your skin when done on their own or can enhance the results of any surgical procedures you receive. Let’s get back into the habit of taking care of your skin.

Call MAE Plastic Surgery in Northbrook, IL to schedule your back to school treatments.