Facelift for Women Over 50: Why Surgery is the Best Rejuvenation for Older Skin

While there is not a right or wrong age for having a facelift, women 50 or above tend to think about this cosmetic improvement more than their younger counterparts. Several factors lead women in their fifties down this path of exploring this life-changing procedure. When a woman passes middle age, she will inevitably notice physical… Read More

Do we hear wedding bells in your future? MAE Plastic Surgery has helped hundreds of brides, and a few grooms too, prepare for their walk down the aisle. We know you’ll look radiant with or without plastic surgery, but our brides have told us that their pre-ceremony procedures helped them to feel more confident and… Read More

Why Do Dead Skin Cells Build Up?

Is your beautiful skin hiding under a winter coat of dead skin cells? When the weather gets cold, we want you to cover up, but not your skin. Flaunt your beautiful, healthy skin whatever the weather! We’re telling you everything you need to know to ditch those dead, dull skin cells and show off beautifully… Read More