Facelift for Women Over 50: Why Surgery is the Best Rejuvenation for Older Skin

While there is not a right or wrong age for having a facelift, women 50 or above tend to think about this cosmetic improvement more than their younger counterparts. Several factors lead women in their fifties down this path of exploring this life-changing procedure.

When a woman passes middle age, she will inevitably notice physical changes. The once subtle effects of aging that she may have noticed in her 30s, like fine lines and wrinkles, become more pronounced.

Women who have had success with injectables or dermal fillers are beginning to realize that non-surgical treatments no longer can give them the results they’d like. Not surprisingly, the most common age for women seeking a facelift is in the mid to late 50s, though the average age decreases each year.

Why Women Over 50 Want a Facelift

For women, passing the age of 50 can be an especially difficult time of life. With many changes underway related to decreasing estrogen levels and menopause, they find it difficult to anticipate what each new day brings. Plus, physical and emotional changes seem to accelerate during this time.

At MAE Plastic Surgery, we often hear from women over 50, “I feel like I’ve aged overnight.” This perception can motivate women to find a long-term solution to what feels like a sudden consequence of aging.

Middle-aged women often have friends or family who found cosmetic improvement through plastic surgery. Witnessing others gain natural and beautiful results can inspire them to seek the same results. When they learn from their friends how a facelift delivers a boost in confidence and self-esteem to women their age, they may begin to consider the procedure for themselves.

Why This Age Makes Sense

As age and sun exposure begins to cause facial skin to sag, women of all ages seek cosmetic help. Although the aging process starts in the 30s, non-invasive skin tightening procedures like BOTOX® offer relief. But as collagen and elastin levels decrease more rapidly the older you get, finding optimal results without surgery becomes more difficult.

Lifting facial skin to rejuvenate facial beauty has been in practice for over a century. Although negative outcomes do occur, the successes go unnoticed because of subtle improvements for women who chose skilled plastic surgeons who are excellent at their craft. The procedure has evolved over the years and women who want to refresh their appearance can have a fully-customized surgery.  Multiple techniques allow our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Epstein, to meet the individual needs of his patients and provide beautiful, natural-looking results.

Younger is Better for Recovery and Results

Whatever may cause a patient in the Chicago area to choose Dr. Epstein for a facelift or other aesthetic procedures, we welcome new patients no matter their age. Because younger patients heal quicker, we encourage women in their 50s to see us sooner rather than later to begin the process.

Getting it Right the First Time

Although individuals of all ages come to us for a facelift, we find women that seek this cosmetic improvement are usually in their 50s. This age is the ideal time to stop the aging process in its tracks and turn back the clock for about a decade.  But it’s crucial to make sure you get it right the first time. Dr. Epstein’s patients are the best testimony to how he helps women restore their youthful facial beauty.

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