Dull Skin Causes and Treatments

Winter is notorious for causing dull, dry skin. Think of it as a winter coat of sorts, extra layers of oil and damaged skin that cover up your bright and beautiful natural glow.  No one wants to be dull. Shed your skin’s winter covering and brighten up your skin this season. 

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The Causes of Dull Skin

Why does my skin look so dull? We get asked this question often and there isn’t always a simple answer. Dull skin has many causes, some easy to treat and some more difficult. The good news is, at MAE Plastic Surgery, we have many skincare experts available to help you find solutions to your skin concerns. The future for your skin is bright, with no dullness here. 

Common causes of dull skin include:

  • Dead Skin Cells- Dead, damaged skin likes to hang around, long after it has finished its job. Layers of dead skin can cover up your bright and healthy skin cells that lurk underneath. Exfoliate to shed those extra layers. 
  • Pollution- Pollution isn’t just bad for your lungs; it can damage your skin too. Pollution creates free-radicals, and these pesky compounds can prematurely age the skin. Cleanse your skin every night to wash dirt and pollution away. Use antioxidant serums and creams to provide your skin with tools to fight back against free radicals. 
  • Stress- Don’t stress about this cause of dull skin, or it will only make the problem worse. When you’re feeling stressed, the body prepares for a fight, pulling blood from the skin and directing it to vital organs instead. With less blood, those rosy cheeks fade away and the skin takes on a dull, sallow appearance. Find healthy ways to deal with stress.
  • Dehydration- Are you drinking enough water? When you’re short on those daily glasses of hydration, your skin deflates. Taut, smooth skin needs plenty of H2O. Drink up to ensure your skin has the water it needs. 
  • Sun Exposure- Sunshine is your skin’s worst enemy. Even small amounts of daily sun exposure can age and dull your skin. Use a daily sunscreen, rain or shine. 
  • Unwanted Facial Hair- Extra hair on the face can cover your skin and hide its natural appearance. Hair removal can remove this covering to reveal your best skin.

Treating Dull Skin: What Are My Options?

Simple changes the ones mentioned above can fight back against common causes of dull skin, but occasionally, you’ll need a deeper treatment. We offer a variety of in-office options to dramatically smooth and brighten your skin. 

  • Chemical Peel- Chemical peels use a mild acidic solution to remove dead, damaged skin. This treatment can improve pigmentation irregularities, wrinkles, and dull skin appearance. 
  • HydraFacial- For bright, radiant skin, few treatments can compete with our HydraFacial. This procedure uses an innovative process to reverse skin damage caused by pollution, aging, and sun exposure. We highly recommend this treatment in preparation for any big event when you want your skin to look its best. 

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