Get Silky Legs for Spring: Best Home and Cosmetic Treatments

The weather’s warming up, and we’re dreaming of shorts and sundresses. Are your legs ready? Unwanted leg and body hair can turn your springtime body dreams into a nightmare. If hair removal is your least favorite part of this season, we can help. Learn about the many ways to remove unwanted hair, both at home and in our office.

Options for Hair Removal: At Home and In-Office Treatments

Unwanted hair is a complex problem, requiring an individualized treatment approach. The best hair removal options for you will depend on the location of your undesirable hair, your treatment timeline, your budget, and the amount of effort you’re willing to devote to hair removal at home.

Most of our patients use more than one hair removal option. For example, a patient may tweeze their brows and stray facial hairs, use depilatory creams on their abdomen, and wax their legs and bikini areas. Let us help you create your ideal hair removal plan.

Common options for hair removal include the following.

  • Tweezing: For a few stray hairs, tweezing is a simple DIY option for hair removal. Pinch hair between two metal tweezer blades and manually pull it from the skin. Many people prefer the preciseness of tweezing to shape their brows.
  • Shaving: Shaving is one of the most popular options for at-home hair removal. A razor blade glides over the skin, cutting hair off at its surface. Hair grows back quickly after shaving, and it can be time-consuming to shave large areas, but for quick and easy hair removal, this is an excellent option.
  • Waxing: Pull unwanted hair out by its roots. Waxing uses a sticky substance to adhere to the hair and remove it. We offer waxing in our medical spa. Strip waxing is the most common method, but hot wax can be useful for patients with sensitive skin.
  • Laser hair removal: As close as you can get to permanent hair removal, laser hair removal offers long-lasting, silky smooth legs. This treatment uses a powerful laser to destroy the hair follicle. The laser we use targets the pigment in your hair, so it works best on darker hair colors. You’ll need a series of treatments to achieve optimal hair removal. Start early if you want to enjoy results this summer.

Choosing an option for hair removal can be tricky. Let us guide you through the process with a personalized consultation performed by one of our skincare experts. Call us at (847) 205-1680.