How to Lighten Age Spots at Home and in the Clinic

Are you seeing spots because of the aging process? Age spots can be an infuriating side effect of aging. Small patches of darkened pigmentation dot across the skin. Age spots are also called liver spots, although they are solely a skin condition, with no relation to the liver. 

What can you do about age spots? Keep reading to discover some highly effective options for treating this common condition, both at home and at MAE Plastic Surgery. Get personalized skincare advice by calling our Chicago, IL plastic surgery office at 847-205-1680.

What Are Age Spots? What Causes Them?

Age spots are flat spots that occur on the skin, usually tied with the aging process. They are most common in patients over 40 and become more likely as you get older. Age spots are typically painless. They can be brown, tan, or black. Most patients get age spots on sun-exposed skin like the face or hands. 

Many factors can contribute to the appearance of age spots, but genetics and sun exposure are two primary causes.

  • Sun Exposure- The sun is a driving factor for skin aging. If you’ve had a lot of skin exposure, you’re significantly more likely to develop age spots as you get older. Although you can’t change past actions, you can start new healthy habits. Use sunscreen daily to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.
  • Genetics- If grandma and grandpa or mom and dad have age spots, you’re likely to get them too. There isn’t anything you can do to change your genes, but you can protect your skin from other factors that contribute to the condition, like the sun.

Age spots are a common problem and treatment options are available.

At-Home Treatments for Age Spots

Topical treatments are the main at-home solution for age spots. Even if you’re receiving treatment in our office, we’ll likely recommend an at-home topical medication too. Many of the most effective topical products are prescription only. Dr. Epstein will choose an effective product and can provide a prescription and instructions for use. 

Common topical treatments for age spots include:

  • Retinoids
  • Mild steroids
  • Hydroquinone

We can also recommend skin care products to nourish and soothe aging skin. Our licensed aestheticians are highly experienced and have helped many patients with skin conditions to improve their skin and find effective products for their biggest skin concerns.

In-Office Treatments for Age Spots

At-home treatments fade age spots slowly, but for a faster and more dramatic transformation, we offer several in-office treatment options. Contact us to learn more about these powerful treatments for age spots.

  • LumeccaLumecca is a powerful IPL system that targets pigmentation irregularities, like age spots. The treatment is quick and painless. Most patients won’t need downtime. At first, your age spots will darken but don’t worry, this means the treatment is working. After a few days, these dark spots will flake off, revealing brighter, lighter skin.
  • Chemical PeelChemical peels are a powerful option for treating age spots. An acidic solution is applied to the skin to remove outer layers. Light peels minimize discomfort and downtime. Deeper peels can fade spots in a single treatment. This customized treatment can help you achieve your skincare goals.

Other treatment options are available too. Come in for a consultation and work with our highly experienced aestheticians and board-certified plastic surgeons to improve your skin and fade age spots away.

Tackling age spots requires a comprehensive approach that pairs at-home and in-office treatments together. We’ll help you find solutions to these stubborn spots at your personalized consultation. Contact our office to schedule your visit to MAE Plastic Surgery.