What to Do If Your Rhinoplasty Wasn’t What You Expected

One of the biggest benefits of plastic surgery is the opportunity to strive for your ideal look. You don’t get to choose your natural nose. Whatever Mother Nature sends your way, you get. However, rhinoplasty provides options. When working with your rhinoplasty surgeon, you can often design a nose that  complements your other features and… Read More

Rhinoplasty Round 2: Am I a Good Candidate for Another Rhinoplasty?

Are you unhappy with your rhinoplasty results? After a rhinoplasty many people are elated with their new nose, but some may be unhappy. Perhaps you’ve developed a breathing problem due to structural changes in your nose or maybe you’re unhappy with the new appearance of your nose. If you’re in need of a secondary rhinoplasty,… Read More

What to Do When You’re Not Happy with Your First Rhinoplasty

Did your rhinoplasty results fall a bit short of your expectations? What’s the next step? If you’re unhappy with your nose after nasal surgery, come see us. Revision rhinoplasty can provide a redo for a rhinoplasty gone wrong. Your dream nose is still achievable, and we’ll do our best to make it happen. Don’t give… Read More

Baby Boomers & the Retired Years

Men and women over the age of 50 have been increasingly seeking plastic surgery in their retired years, why do you think that is? Plastic surgery in men and women over the age of 50, better known as the baby boomers, is becoming more popular, because they view plastic surgeons and dermatologists as the “fountain… Read More