Rhinoplasty Round 2: Am I a Good Candidate for Another Rhinoplasty?

Are you unhappy with your rhinoplasty results? After a rhinoplasty many people are elated with their new nose, but some may be unhappy. Perhaps you’ve developed a breathing problem due to structural changes in your nose or maybe you’re unhappy with the new appearance of your nose. If you’re in need of a secondary rhinoplasty, come see us at MAE Plastic Surgery. Dr. Epstein is a skilled rhinoplasty surgeon and will help you get things right the second time around.

A second time rhinoplasty is often much more complex than an original rhinoplasty. The nasal structure may be compromised due to the previous surgery. Scar tissue and cartilage damage are common. Many patients are nervous and frustrated at their initial rhinoplasty results. Many surgeons don’t offer revision rhinoplasty at all. Dr. Epstein understands the unique challenges of revision rhinoplasty.

Is it Too Soon for a Revision Rhinoplasty?

If your first rhinoplasty was recent, it may be too soon to consider rhinoplasty again. It is best to wait until the nose has fully healed and swelling has completely resolved, a process that can take a year or longer. You may think you’re unhappy with your results, but give it time. Once the swelling has gone down, you may find you love your new nose. Giving yourself sufficient time to heal is also important when a secondary rhinoplasty may be indicated to get the best possible results from your revision rhinoplasty.

What Will I Look Like After Revision Rhinoplasty?

You’re unhappy with the results of your initial rhinoplasty and may feel nervous about going under the knife a second time with unknown results. We offer a special tool to our patients to help them get a better idea of their potential rhinoplasty results. We use computer imaging to show you your ideal nose. This can help you find the right look before your surgery.

Computer imaging doesn’t guarantee a specific outcome, but it is a powerful communication tool and a valuable way for you to ensure that your expectations are in line with those of your surgeon.

Reversing the undesirable features of your first rhinoplasty may be very possible with a Secondary Rhinoplasty. Call and schedule your consultation with Dr. Epstein at MAE Plastic Surgery today.