What should I expect for a breast revision after severe capsular contracture?

I have seen 10 plastic surgeons about revisional surgery on my breasts and have received many different answers. Some physicians state it’s better under the muscle while others state that over the muscle is just fine. I’ve left feeling like I didn’t get all the information I needed and that perhaps a regular breast augmentation would be much easier. Also, I’m reluctant about general anesthesia since I had a severe reaction in the past. I’m older and more cautious so I really want more detailed information about my procedure before making the final commitment. I’m so nervous because I feel that maybe I need more information than most.

I believe that the detailed information that you seek is impossible to obtain unless you are examined, in person, shutterstock_118496413because there are so many variations of problems that need to be considered when dealing with capsular contracture. How big was your breast preop? What is the quality of the skin and soft tissue of the breast now? What is the likely condition of your breast after the implant and thick capsule are removed. Are your implants above or below your muscle now? What type of implants do you have now? Are you willing to consider exchanging your implants? And if so, for what type of implant? Are you willing to consider the use of an internal biological dressing (pig or cadaveric dermis) in the hopes of improving soft tissue coverage and/or decreasing the risk of recurrent contracture? Would you consider removing your implants and not replacing them? Will you need a breast lift? These are just a few of the details that are usually discussed when a patient presents with this problem. Being evaluated by a Board certified Plastic Surgeon that has experience with these types of problems is highly recommended.