Does Age Matter in Cosmetic Surgery?

More and more retirees in Northbrook and Chicago are considering cosmetic surgery.

If you are 65 or older, you are among many patients choosing to make aesthetic changes to their face and/or body. Perhaps you are contemplating plastic surgery as a way to make you look as young as you feel? Perhaps you are thinking that plastic surgery will motivate you to enjoy a healthier, more active lifestyle? No matter what your goals may be, you may have some questions about cosmetic procedures and you may be wondering if surgical risks will increase with age.

According to a recent study, older patients do not have to worry. While researching patient trends regarding age and surgery complications, doctors found little difference between younger and older patients. Both had a similar chance in experiencing medical risks (the 1.84% risk for younger patients was just under the 1.94% risk for older patients).

Worried about other factors like diabetes or weight when undergoing plastic surgery? The same study also included health indicators and found similar results. The risk of complications did not increase drastically with age.

One thing patients of any age should consider, however, is the nature of the procedure. Most procedures considered in the study were facial (vs. the body) and were naturally less invasive.

If you are considering plastic surgery, remember that more invasive procedures will always mean a longer recovery time no matter what your age. But age alone, as long as you are in good overall health, should not hold you back from making the aesthetic changes you desire.