What to Do If Your Rhinoplasty Wasn’t What You Expected

One of the biggest benefits of plastic surgery is the opportunity to strive for your ideal look. You don’t get to choose your natural nose. Whatever Mother Nature sends your way, you get. However, rhinoplasty provides options. When working with your rhinoplasty surgeon, you can often design a nose that  complements your other features and that meets your aesthetic specifications, enhancing both appearance and function. Unfortunately, there are times when your dream nose doesn’t become reality, even after plastic surgery. What should you do if your rhinoplasty results aren’t as expected?

Rhinoplasty Problems- What Are the Biggest Post-Rhinoplasty Complaints?

When you work with an experienced and skilled rhinoplasty surgeon, complications and dissatisfaction after rhinoplasty are much less common. Problems after surgery are most likely to arise for patients that choose an inexperienced surgeon or work with a provider that isn’t well trained in rhinoplasty techniques.

Dr. Epstein is one of the top plastic surgeons in the Chicago area and specializes in rhinoplasty surgery, including revision rhinoplasty. Patients from other surgeons often come to him for their revision procedures. Common complaints after rhinoplasty include:

  • Over or Under Correction- A little goes a long way, but sometimes it isn’t enough. Some patients are unhappy with their rhinoplasty results due to the subtlety of the changes. The nose may still be too large, the tip too pronounced, etc. The opposite is also common. Some patients find their new nose is too small or that other problems are overcorrected.
  • Breathing Problems- Rhinoplasty can create or fail to address breathing problems. Rhinoplasty may dramatically change the nasal structure, and if careful attention isn’t given to nasal function during a cosmetic procedure, breathing issues can arise after surgery. Insufficient structural support may occur if too much cartilage is removed.
  • Sometimes patients are unhappy with their original rhinoplasty and this may be simply as a result of a patient having too high or too specific expectations. When consulting with Dr. Epstein, he will do everything possible to ensure that patients like these understand what may or may not be realistic.  It is sometimes better to not have additional surgery when the risks of a secondary procedure is greater than the potential for a desirable outcome.

Dr. Epstein has addressed these issues and many others in men and women throughout the Chicago area.

I’m Not Happy with My Rhinoplasty. What Should I Do?

Correcting problems from a previous rhinoplasty can be difficult. Scar tissue and structural damage can be difficult to correct. Fixing rhinoplasty problems won’t be quick or easy but be patient. We’ll help you correct problems and restore appearance, even if the process is difficult and time-consuming.

If you’re unhappy with your rhinoplasty:

  • Give it Time- Full healing after rhinoplasty takes time. To safely and effectively repair the nose, you’ll need to wait at least a year from your original surgery. The waiting period is difficult for many patients but is essential.
  • Consult with a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon- Revision rhinoplasty is much more difficult than a first-time procedure. Choose a board-certified plastic surgeon with revision rhinoplasty experience. Your surgeon should be comfortable with cartilage grafting, as this advanced technique is often needed to restore nasal structure. Once you’ve selected a potential surgeon, schedule a consultation to learn more about your options.

Patients in the Chicago area can contact Dr. Epstein at MAE Plastic Surgery for their revision rhinoplasty procedures. He is one of the area’s top surgeons and regularly performs revision rhinoplasty.

Avoiding Revision Rhinoplasty- How to Get Things Right the First Time

No one wants a second surgical procedure to correct problems that arose from the first. Revision rhinoplasty is hard on patients, physically and emotionally. A qualified rhinoplasty surgeon for your original rhinoplasty will dramatically reduce the odds of revision surgery.

We also utilize 3D imaging to ensure that surgeon and patient have the same vision for surgery.  Dr. Epstein uses Vectra 3D Imaging during his rhinoplasty consultations to show patients their new look. Imaging tools make communication easier and can help ensure that everyone knows what to expect from surgery.

Rhinoplasty problems? Call MAE Plastic Surgery and schedule a consultation with Dr. Epstein, board-certified plastic surgeon and member of the Rhinoplasty Society. Specializing in facial and nose surgeries, Dr. Epstein has helped countless patients to create their ideal nose through rhinoplasty. He is one of the most sought-after revision rhinoplasty surgeons in the Chicago, IL area.