The Golden Ratio and Facial Plastic Surgery

What makes a person physically beautiful? Some scientists and mathematicians suggest that the Golden Ratio, a ratio commonly found in nature, could hold the key to physical beauty. What is the Golden Ratio? How is it used to create and enhance physical beauty?

What Is the Golden Ratio?

The Golden Ratio is found in nature, art, and architecture. Scientists have observed it in hurricanes, the shape of a nautilus shell, and in the human ear. It occurs when the ratio between two numbers is identical to the ratio created between the sum of the two numbers and the larger number. If this sounds complicated, it certainly is. Scientists and mathematicians have studied the Golden Ratio for centuries, but to this day, little is understood about the link between the Golden Ratio and physical beauty.

The Golden Ratio can be seen all around us, and many believe that the proportions of this ratio are naturally pleasing to the human eye. The Golden Ratio represents balance, and balance is aesthetically beautiful.

The Golden Ratio and the Face

Some suggest that facial features that adhere to the Golden Ratio are physically more attractive. We don’t know if this is true, but we do know how important balance is for facial appearance. As we create surgical plans for our patients, we always keep balance in mind and strive to ensure that each change we make improves facial harmony and balance. Golden Ratio or not, balance and symmetry are always beautiful.

Enhance Your Golden Ratio with These Procedures:

Bringing the facial features into better balance can improve overall appearance. Two surgeries we use for enhancing facial harmony are rhinoplasty and facial implants. If your face is out of balance and you want to improve your Golden Ratio, these procedures may be a good fit.

  • Rhinoplasty- The nose is the central facial feature and often defines the appearance of the entire face. A nose that is too large can detract from other facial features. We’ve found that a few small tweaks to the size or shape of the nose can dramatically impact facial appearance. Dr. Epstein uses rhinoplasty to improve both form and function of the nose. He is one of the most sought after rhinoplasty surgeons in Chicago.
  • Facial Implants- Facial implants can improve balance and proportion of the face, especially in patients with a weak chin or jawline. We offer cheek, lip, chin, and jawline implants. Facial implants are made from solid materials that are safe and compatible with bone and tissue. They offer long-lasting augmentation and enhancement to the area where they are placed.

Rhinoplasty and implants are two of the tools in our toolkit for improving facial harmony and balance, essentially improving the Golden Ratio of your appearance.

A perfect Golden Ratio isn’t essential for facial beauty, but balance and harmony certainly are. Our board-certified plastic surgeons, Dr. Michael Epstein and Dr. Daniel Krochmal, are known throughout the Chicago area for creating beautiful, natural looking plastic surgery results. Call us at 847-205-1680 to schedule a consultation at our beautiful office location.