Get Bikini Body Ready with a Body Lift

All too often, women cover up their bodies, hiding under layers of clothing instead of wearing styles that they love. While this isn’t much of a concern during the winter months, it can make summer an uncomfortable season. Do you want to rock a bikini? Let’s make it happen! MAE Plastic Surgery can help you discover the body confidence you need to wear what you want. Call us to explore your options and enhance your summer body.

Don’t Let Loose Skin Keep You Out of a Bikini

Losing weight is a lot of work. Whether you’ve had bariatric surgery or lost weight through diet and exercise, we applaud your efforts. Unfortunately, losing weight doesn’t always create the body of your dreams. When you lose weight, you lose fat, not skin. Since the skin stretches and grows to accommodate extra fat, once you’ve lost weight, you may find you have excess skin. You have less fat and less volume to cover, but the same amount of skin you had before.

Many of our patients are excited about their new, healthier body, but disappointed that they still don’t feel comfortable or confident, especially during swimsuit season. You’ve dreamt of sporting a bikini when you dropped the weight, and now that you have, you still can’t wear one.

What’s the solution for excess skin? How do you get bikini body ready after weight loss?

The Body Lift- Our Solution for Excess Skin

We often recommend a body lift for patients after bariatric surgery or massive weight loss. We’ll remove extra skin and tighten up the underlying tissues to improve your body shape and contours. Your treatment is customized to your needs and will focus on improving your problem areas. A body lift typically consists of a combination of surgical lifts including:

  • Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)- One of the biggest body hurdles to wearing a bikini is the tummy. Loose skin, excess fat, and stretched out abdominal muscles are common problems. A tummy tuck creates a tighter, flatter abdomen by removing skin and fat and tightening and supporting the abdominal muscles. This procedure is very popular after weight loss and/or pregnancy. Abdominoplasty is included in almost every body lift we perform.
  • Thigh Lift- For loose skin and fat on the upper legs, consider a thigh lift. This procedure reshapes the contours of the thigh. We can perform an inner thigh lift, and outer thigh lift, or both, depending on your needs and desires. After your thigh lift you can show off your legs in short shorts or bikini bottoms.
  • Brazilian Butt Lift- Saggy bottom? Many men and women complain of flat, undefined buttocks, especially after weight loss. A Brazilian butt lift restores volume and fullness to the backside. This procedure uses two distinct phases to reshape the buttocks and waist. We start with liposuction, extracting excess fat from the waist, hips, or abdomen. Then we inject the fat into the buttocks, at varying depths. The result is a lifted, perky, voluminous buttock.

Come in for a consultation and we’ll explain your body lift options.

5 Reasons to Consider a Body Lift This Summer

If you’re thinking about a body lift, call our Northbrook and Chicago, IL locations to schedule a consultation at MAE Plastic Surgery. What benefits will you enjoy after a body lift?

1. More Swimwear Options

Swimsuit season can feel like torture if you’re embarrassed of your body. Finding swimwear that covers your skin and looks flattering can be challenging. With a body lift, you’ll have more swimwear options available. Wear a bikini, tankini, cut out swimsuit, halter, or any other style you choose. Wear what you love and look your best in it.

2. Clothing Fits Better

Excess skin can complicate how clothing fits. You may find yourself wearing a larger size than you need to cover up loose skin, leading to clothing that fits poorly and feels uncomfortable. After a body lift, clothing fits and looks better. A body lift will benefit you all year round, not only when you’re wearing a swimsuit.

3. Enjoy an Active Lifestyle

Regular physical activity is key to maintaining your new weight. Many patients find they are more motivated to participate in physical activities after a body lift. Without loose skin, exercise, water sports, and other activities are more comfortable.

4. Long Lasting Results

Body lift results last and last. Provided you maintain a stable weight, you’ll enjoy your results for many summers to come.

5. Finish Your Weight Loss Journey

A body lift is the final step in your weight loss journey. Excess skin is heavy, and many patients drop a few pounds after having it removed. If you’re unhappy with your appearance after weight loss, it’s because you’re not done yet. Let’s finish your journey to a new you with a tummy tuck, thigh lift, and/or butt lift.

What’s holding you back from wearing a bikini? If excess skin after weight loss is keeping you from your dream swimsuit, come see us. A body lift can shape, reform, and enhance the body after weight loss or bariatric surgery.