What To Expect From Bodytite

Having trouble getting rid of that extra body fat through diet and exercise? Bodytite, a sophisticated new treatment, is the solution for you.  Bodytite uses patented radiofrequency assisted liposuction technology for effective body contouring and significant skin tightening.Schedule your Bodytite consultation today to get that slim body you have been wanting!

Body Contouring Options

Body contouring procedures are some of our most popular plastic surgery procedures in the summer. Many of our patients are hitting the beach with a newfound self-confidence after undergoing body toning treatments. Whether you are interested in surgical or minimally invasive options, you can read our infographic below to find out more. If you’re interested… Read More

Fall in Love with Your Body, with Body Contouring

  You don’t need Cupid’s arrow to strike to fall in love this Valentine’s Day. Come in for a body contouring treatment and you’ll quickly see how easy it is to love your body from head to toe. Treat yourself to the Valentine’s gift you really want this year. Call and schedule your consultation today… Read More