Get Started on Your New Year’s Resolutions with Obalon

It’s time to start thinking about New Year’s resolutions. What do you hope to achieve in 2019? If you’re resolving to lose weight, we may be able to help you succeed. MAE Plastic Surgery is proud to offer the Obalon weight loss system to patients in Chicago, IL. If you’re struggling with your weight, Obalon may be the key to finally achieving weight loss success. Resolutions often fail, but with the right help and support, 2019 can be your year to smashing those weight loss goals and rocking your best body.

Losing Weight Is Hard- Obalon Can Help

You’ve tried dieting and exercise but struggle to lose weight and keep it off. You’re not alone. Many, many people have a hard time losing weight. Overcoming biological and environmental causes of weight gain on your own can be difficult or, in many cases, impossible. With Obalon, you’ll still have to do your part, but you won’t be forging difficult paths without assistance. Obalon provides tools to make losing weight more achievable. And it helps you to establish healthier habits, so the weight loss can last long after your Obalon treatment is complete.

The Obalon balloon method for weight loss is an FDA-approved weight loss system that uses inflatable intragastric balloons to fill in space in the stomach. This means that you’ll feel full sooner and helps you to restrict calorie consumption. Since you’ll be consuming less food, it is essential to make those calories count, so nutrient dense foods are a must. While the balloons are in place, patients practice healthier lifestyle and dietary choices while enjoying delicious and nutritious foods.

The balloons remain in place for about six months. At the end of the treatment, they are removed through a quick endoscopic treatment, performed under light sedation. Keep up those healthy habits you’ve been practicing to maintain your weight loss. Obalon promotes lasting lifestyle changes, not a quick fix. You’ll work hard and earn every pound of weight loss. You can do this!

Getting Started with Obalon

Obalon is intended for patients with a BMI between 30-40 kg/m2. Prospective patients should be committed to making lifestyle changes. If you’ve struggled to lose weight on your own and are ready to make a change, call us at 847-205-1680 and schedule an Obalon consultation at our Chicago, IL office. We can help you determine if Obalon is the right weight loss treatment for you. We have helped many patients to achieve their weight loss goals with this innovative and effective system.

If Obalon is a good fit, we’ll place the balloons during a quick, non-invasive procedure. The balloons are placed in a treatment room, no surgery needed. To begin, patients swallow a capsule, about the size of a traditional pill. Each capsule is attached to a micro-catheter. Once the capsule is swallowed and in place, the balloon inside will be carefully inflated using the catheter. Once filled, the micro-catheter is removed. We can use up to three balloons in each patient’s stomach. Each balloon takes about 10 minutes to place. No downtime is needed after Obalon placement.

If your resolutions to lose weight fail every year, try something different in 2019. Obalon combined with lifestyle changes can help you to finally achieve a healthier weight. Call MAE Plastic Surgery and learn more about this treatment or schedule a consultation. Resolve to lose weight and achieve better health this year.