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Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery

I am seeing a growing number of (young and middle-aged) women with grossly oversized breasts.  Often times these women are so large, they present with neck and back pain, shoulder discomfort, associated skin conditions,and often have difficulty exercising because of the weight of this over sized breast tissue. While breast reduction surgery can improve the… Read More

Aging of the Upper Eyelids

I often have patients come in to the office that complain about hanging skin of the upper eyelids and they end up not having a problem with their eyelids at all. The condition of extra hanging skin and fat of the eyelids is called blepharocholasis and the treatment is a surgical procedure, called blepharoplasty.  I… Read More

Our Doctors Dispel Common Breast Augmentation Myths

Breast augmentation remains one of the most popular aesthetic plastic surgery procedures done in the United States. Over the last 2 years, almost 600,000 women have chosen to improve their breast shape and self confidence with breast implants placed by Board Certified plastic surgeons. Based on clinical studies and patient referrals, breast augmentation leaves patients… Read More

Showing: 325–328 of 328