Why Patients Choose Breast Enhancement?

When most people think of breast enhancement, they usually think only of breast augmentation. But, breast reduction and breast lifts are also surgical procedures that can enhance the look and shape of the breast. Whether a breast is being reduced or enlarged, my ultimate goal is to make sure that the breasts are proportionate to the surrounding body features, creating a beautiful and natural result.

So, why do women choose breast augmentation?

The responses vary from woman to woman, but in my experience, one of the most popular answers is that they believe that their clothing will fit better and that they will look more attractive in whatever they choose to wear.

In my practice, I have found that most women who want breast enhancement are doing so because they are self-conscious about their bodies. In fact, there is overwhelming data to show that over 90% of the women who move forward with breast enhancement surgery give an extremely high approval rating in how it relates to improving their self-esteem.

And, why do women choose breast reduction?

Like women with smaller breasts, women with large breasts also feel self-conscious about their bodies and how they look in their clothing. Patients have also noted that they receive unwelcome attention due to their large breasts.

In addition to looking better in clothing, and feeling less self-conscious, breast reduction surgery can help reduce the limitations that women with large breasts may experience when participating in sports or other activities. Patients with large breasts have also noted that some physical activities can actually be painful.

Women who have had either breast reductions or breast lifts have often times reported less upper back and neck aches. Typically, the shoulder discomfort associated with supporting larger, pendulous, breasts, also subsides after this procedure.

And, here’s a fun fact…

Did you know that breast augmentation, breast reduction and breast lifts have all been reported to improve a women’s sex life? It’s true! When a woman feels more confident about her body, she typically feel more attractive and tends to exude more sex appeal.  Another wonderful benefit of breast enhancement.