The Perfect Fit: Determining Your Ideal Breast Size

What do your ideal breasts look like? You may not have much control over what nature has given you, but with breast surgery you can achieve your ideal size. One of the most exciting parts of a breast augmentation consultation is choosing your implant size. Schedule your consultation and we’ll help you find that perfect fit.

Vectra 3D Imaging- Try Your New Breasts on for Size

Round or shaped implants? Big or small? Choosing an implant can be very difficult, but you don’t have to the make the decision alone. We use Vectra 3D Imaging, a powerful imaging system, to give patients a preview of potential implant options. See what you’ll look like with different implant shapes and sizes and choose your favorite.

The Vectra Imaging system starts by taking a series of photos of your body from several angles. These images are combined to create a digital 3D image of your body. Once the image is created, we can input different implant and surgical options to show you the potential end results.

Vectra 3D Imaging eases communication between patient and surgeon. You’ll be able to see exactly what your options are and will be certain that your surgeon has the same end goal in mind. It also provides us with detailed measurements, allowing us to create a more precise surgical plan. Compare different options and figure out exactly what you want before surgery.

The Limitations of Anatomy

Breast augmentation is a breast transformation, but that doesn’t mean your possibilities are endless. Your anatomy will play a role in determining what results we can achieve from your surgery. After an examination we can give you a better idea of your possibilities. We’ll make specific recommendations regarding implant size, type, and shape to help you achieve your best results.

Find Your Perfect Fit

Any woman that has gone on the hunt for a new pair of jeans knows that the perfect fit can be hard to find. The good news is, you don’t have to figure out your ideal breast size alone. We’ll work with you, using years of plastic surgery experience and powerful imaging tools, to create your perfect breasts. Call and schedule your consultation today. Find your perfect fit!