5 Essential Things You Should Know Before a Rhinoplasty Procedure

Are you thinking about rhinoplasty? Schedule a consultation at MAE Plastic Surgery and get your rhinoplasty questions answered by a top rhinoplasty surgeon like Dr. Epstein. Call us today and schedule your consultation. While you wait for your appointment, check out our list of essential things every patient should know before rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty Can Be Cosmetic,… Read More

Am I too Young for Rhinoplasty?

What’s the right age for rhinoplasty? Dr. Epstein regularly performs rhinoplasty surgery on teens as well as patients in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond. If you’re thinking about rhinoplasty, come see us. We can discuss your options, make treatment recommendations, and help you decide if you’re ready for surgery. Teenage Rhinoplasty- How Young… Read More

Graft or No Graft: What’s the Difference and What’s Right for Me?

Cartilage grafts are just one of many tools that we have to perfect the shape of the nose during rhinoplasty. For some patients these grafts can help us to achieve better results, but they aren’t the right option for everyone. If you could benefit from a graft, we’ll discuss this option with you in detail… Read More

Does Recovering from Rhinoplasty Surgery Hurt?

  You’ve wanted to change the function and appearance of your nose for a lifetime, but have never taken the plunge. Is fear holding you back from your new nose? Many of our rhinoplasty patients worry about the recovery process. Keep reading for answers to some of your biggest rhinoplasty recovery questions. If you don’t… Read More

Scared of Scars? 5 Expert Tips for Recovering Post Rhinoplasty

One of the biggest concerns patients share when preparing for rhinoplasty is the fear of scarring. They worry about large visible scars on the nose after an open rhinoplasty. Schedule a consultation and we will happily discuss your options for surgery, including the likelihood of visible scarring. Much of the time, scarring is minimal and… Read More