Why Should You Get Facials Monthly?

Skincare has undoubtedly become one of the most popular social media trends. Countless influencers are reviewing the latest facials and cosmetic products, and there’s vast online information about this topic. After checking these tips and reviews, many patients ask themselves, do I really need to see a doctor monthly for facial treatments

This blog will explain why it is advisable to see a professional for this type of treatment and the recommended frequency and benefits of professional facial treatments. 

How Often Should I Get Facials?

Once a month is an ideal frequency to get facial treatments for two reasons. First, your skin needs a different treatment depending on external factors like temperature, sun exposure, humidity, and lifestyle. By visiting a professional frequently, you give them the possibility to find the exact treatment that your skin needs at that moment. However, sometimes too often can also be prejudicial to your skin. The natural skin cell cycle lasts 28 days, so if you get facials more than once a month, they could irritate your skin or have undesired effects.

What Type of Facial Treatment is Right for Me?

Well, this depends mainly on your skin type, so it is impossible to determine which treatment is suitable for you before examining your skin. At MAE Plastic Surgery, we offer three types of facial treatment (Oxygenating Facial Trio, Dermaplane, and HydraFacial MD) to meet your skin’s particular needs.

Is it Worth Getting Professional Facial Treatments?

With so many at-home treatments and cosmetic products promising wonderful results, it is normal to at least think twice before investing in professional facials. However, many patients don’t know the advantages of visiting a doctor for skin treatments.

Below, we’ve listed 5 benefits of getting monthly facials at MAE Plastic Surgery:

  • Offers deep hydration: even if you think you are drinking enough water daily, your skin can easily get dry from the weather conditions or sun and wind exposure. Professional facial treatments offer deep hydration, leaving your skin just as moisturized as it needs to be.
  • Smooths wrinkles and expression lines: besides the advantages of the particular treatment you choose, facial massage also stimulates collagen growth, which helps prevent signs of ageing.
  • Exfoliates your skin: exfoliating treatments maintain skin soft and smooth by removing dead skin cells. It also increases blood circulation and leaves your face feeling cleaner and fresher.
  • Helps fight acne: Although facials cannot be considered a cure for acne, they are certainly part of its treatment. Facials help our patients minimize the appearance of acne and reduce the scarring that it typically leaves behind. 
  • Reduces stress: receiving facial treatments is relaxing per se, but while you are receiving treatment, your facial pressure points are also being massaged, helping alleviate stress and anxiety.

Maintain Your Glow with Monthly Facials

Are you thinking of getting a facial this month? Contact our office in Chicago, IL and schedule a consultation with Dr. Epstein. He will be happy to make a personalized recommendation based on your skin type and expectations!