Why should I allow people to see my photos?

Why should I allow people to see my “Before” and “After” photos? This is a question that has occasionally been raised by our Chicago and North Shore patients, and we can certainly understand why they are asking.

The short and simple answer is this: “You are paying it forward.”

As you may know, many people who are considering plastic surgery will search the Internet in an effort to learn more about the procedure that most interests them. They want to do their homework and gain a greater understanding of the entire process. They will spend hours gathering as much information as they can about the doctor and his or her work. Ultimately, they want to make an educated decision and be able to ask pertinent questions when they meet with their plastic surgeon.

A very useful tool in the decision making process is being able to view before and after images of various surgeries including rhinoplasty, breast augmentation and abdominoplasty. By viewing photos of actual patients who have undergone nose jobs, tummy tucks, facelifts, and more, those considering plastic surgery can see a variety of end results and realize that what they thought might be impossible, can actually be achieved!

Before and after photos also allow people to see where incisions have been made, how well the patient has healed, and what to expect as far as potential scarring. Most importantly, the photos give potential patients an opportunity to become familiar with the doctor’s’ work.

At MAE Plastic Surgery, we encourage everyone who comes in for a consultation to view our photo gallery, which is quite extensive and showcases a variety of surgeries and outcomes. Seeing images of actual patients is so important when deciding to move forward and we want to share as many photos as possible to assist in process.

If you are someone who has undergone plastic surgery, has found “before” and “after” photos to be helpful, and has been happy with the end results, please consider “paying it forward” to help someone else in their journey. They will certainly appreciate it!