Should I Lose Weight Before Breast Augmentation?

The question about losing weight prior to breast augmentation is one that I am asked quite frequently. As most women know, both weight gain and weight loss can affect the size of the breast. When a woman loses weight, her breast size will often become smaller, and when she gains weight, the breasts often become heavier and more full.

So, back to the question as to whether or not a patient should lose weight before breast augmentation.

It all depends on how much weight there is to lose. If we’re talking 5-10 pounds, most plastic surgeons wouldn’t push the subject.  However, if the patient is significantly overweight (20 to 30 pounds or more), weight loss prior to surgery would most likely lead to a better outcome.  Ultimately, it’s best for the patient to be at her ideal weight (or as close to it) before undergoing breast augmentation.

Plastic surgeons take many things into consideration before recommending the best size for implants; not only the patient’s current weight but her bone structure and body frame as well. Typically, smaller implants are recommended for a leaner woman with a thin frame and narrower shoulders and hips, while larger implant are recommended for a woman who is larger in stature.

To ensure an optimal result, it would be best for the patient to be as close to her ideal weight as possible (and to have maintained that weight for at least 6 months) so that the surgeon can more accurately make his or her recommendation with regard to implant size.

It’s important to remember that losing or gaining weight after breast augmentation will also affect the surgical outcome.

Weight loss could cause the implants to fall and lose some of their fullness, while weight gain could cause the augmented breasts to increase in size. If patients are planning to lose or gain weight, the time to do so is before undergoing breast augmentation surgery. And, once the surgery is completed, she should commit to maintaining a stable weight to ensure the longest lasting results.