The Dad Bod… Men and Plastic Surgery

A recent student newspaper article titled, “Why Girls Love the Dad Bod,” sparked a media frenzy (within traditional and social media alike). National outlets began writing about Dad Bods and people were tweeting with the hashtag #dadbod. Beyond just a flurry of digital messages, the recent national spotlight on this topic speaks to an even more fundamental truth; women aren’t the only ones with body insecurities…men have them, too!

Just in time for Father’s Day, and in honor of “dad bods” everywhere (a dad bod refers to someone who was probably a decent athlete back in school, but then maybe let himself go as he entered adulthood), I thought it would be appropriate to talk about men and plastic surgery.

Despite often being considered a “woman thing,” the number of men choosing to have plastic surgery has risen significantly over the last fifteen years. I’m very happy to see that men are discovering options to help them combat various body insecurities and are open to considering a cosmetic confidence boost.

The top male-focused procedures I see in my practices have to do with the chest region, removing excess fat with male breast reduction (gynecomastia). For the face, men are turning to rhinoplasty or jawline recontouring. To reverse the signs of aging, many men in my practice opt for a facelift or an upper and lower eye lift, known as a blepharoplasty. Several have decided to explore BOTOX® and filler treatments.

The truth is, it’s not just women who are inundated with photo-shopped images in the media. Men, too, are constantly bombarded with claims about the “perfect body” and the “ideal face.”  And just as with women, this “perfect” male body is often a figment of Photoshop.

As men are starting to realize, there are many options available to help tweak areas of their body that may make them feel insecure, reverse the signs of aging, and enhance their physique. I’m happy to see that more and more men are coming to the realization that they, too, can benefit from plastic surgery and the other youth enhancing treatments that are offered within my practice.