The Best Foods for Clear and Healthy Skin

We’ve all heard about antioxidants, essential fatty acids, proteins and vitamins and how important they are in proper functioning of all your organs. Well, the skin is the biggest organ in your body and also needs these nutrients to function properly.

Choosing the right foods can make a big difference in your skin’s appearance. The most important thing is water. If your skin is not getting enough water it will turn dry and flaky. And that means more wrinkles in the future.

Vegetables are also very powerful in keeping your skin looking young. Green and yellow peppers help prevent the wrinkles that cause crow’s feet. Sweet potatoes are very rich in vitamin C which helps produce collagen that is responsible for preventing wrinkles. Spinach contains folate that helps maintain and repair DNA, reducing cancer cell growth. Tomatoes are full of lycopenes, which eliminate free radicals caused by UV rays during sun exposure, and protect against sun damage and skin aging. Carrots are rich in vitamin A which regulates production of cells in the outer layer of skin (too many dead cells combined with sebum means clogged pores). Vitamin A may also prevent skin cancer development. Carrots can also prevent blemishes and dull skin while the zinc in kidney beans also helps prevent skin blemishes.

Among fruits, pomegranates are very important in maintain skin health. They’re full of polyphenol antioxidants that fight free radicals and regulate skin blood flow which is responsible for skin color.

Walnuts soften the skin and help with its elasticity thanks to omega 3-essential fatty acids. Almonds and sunflowers seeds are loaded with vitamin E, that helps keep your skin supple and protects against sun damage.

We all enjoy the taste of dark chocolate and it’s great for the skin also. Cocoa hydrates the skin making it more supple and firm. It’s loaded in flavonals – antioxidants that reduce roughness in the skin.

Tuna lovers – great news! Canned tuna contains selenium that helps preserve elastin, a protein that makes skin tight and smooth.

Another powerful food is safflower oil. Rich in omega 6 – fatty acids, it’s a great moisturizer for people with dry, itchy flaky skin, and even eczema.

Combining all these foods will give you more healthy and clear skin. Afterwards, enjoy sipping green tea which has proven anti-inflamatory and anti-cancer properties and is full of antioxidants that calm skin redness.

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