Interesting facts about BOTOX®

1) BOTOX® is the #1 non-surgical aesthetic treatment in the world and has been widely tested for over 20 years and is used in 85 countries worldwide. While we think of BOTOX® as a drug that is only used for elective beautifying treatments, it is also used for many essential medicinal reasons.
2) BOTOX® is a purified protein derived from the botulinum toxin that works to weaken muscular function in very specific areas in which it is injected. It is most often used to relax muscle groups in the face to decrease the presence of wrinkles. When administered by an experienced Doctor or nurse, lifting the eyebrows or corners of the mouth can also be achieved.
3) BOTOX® is often confused with injectable fillers that are used to replace volume loss in the face. BOTOX® injections are very often used in conjunction with these injectable plumping agents to complement each other to achieve a more thorough rejuvenation.
4) BOTOX® was FDA approved in 2002 for the reduction in frown lines for up to 4 months. It is also more recently FDA approved for treatment of crows feet lines at the corners of the eyes. Patients typically get treatments 3 – 4 times per year.
5) The onset of BOTOX® is 24-48 hours. The maximum outcome is seen at 2 weeks. No refinement or touch-up should be done prior to that.
6) When done correctly, there is relatively no down time when getting a BOTOX® treatment. It is a great lunchtime procedure. You can usually go right back to work and nobody will know.
7) BOTOX® is also used electively for patients that have a condition called hyperhydrosis(excessive sweating) under the arms or the hands and feet.
8) The following are some of the other symptoms or signs of aging that we treat at MAE Plastic Surgery and Transcend MedSpa:

  • Soften horizontal forehead lines.
  • Medial and Lateral Brow lift.
  • Softens crows feet (now has FDA approval).
  • Enlarge the aperture of the eyes.
  • Soften Bunny lines (crinkling of the nose when smiling/frowning).
  • Soften chin dimpling (peau d’ orange).
  • Soften horizontal chin crease below lower lip.
  • Turn a downward turn mouth up or neutral.
  • Soften vertical lip lines.
  • Lip Augmentation.
  • Reduction of a gummy smile.
  • Soften horizontal neck lines.
  • Tighten the neck with treatment to the platysmal bands.
  • Tighten the jowl.
  • Sharpens jawline.
  • Eliminate excessive armpit sweating.