The Art of BOTOX® and Other Neuro-Modulators

BOTOX® (or the use of any other neuro-modulator) for cosmetic enhancement is both a science and an art. These very common nonsurgical treatments are similar to many of the other nonsurgical facial enhancing procedures in that they are often taken very lightly and more often should be regarded with serious consideration before having them done.

There’s no doubt that the health care provider performing these elective treatments should have an excellent understanding of the underlying facial anatomy and also have an artistic eye. Both of these only come with lots of skilled training and experience.

​These neuro-modulators (most commonly BOTOX®) are used to purposely weaken specific muscles on the face and neck so that less wrinkles are created by limiting certain facial expressions. Also, by weakening certain muscles, some facial features can be re-positioned by allowing opposing muscles to work more effectively.

When performed correctly, gravity defying elevation of individual facial features can be lifted. One must not forget that this injectable medication works by temporarily blocking its target muscle from contracting. So, for example, when injected into some of the forehead muscles, the ability to lift your brow will be hindered.  This is why it is not uncommon, when performed by someone with less experience, for a patient to feel as if his or her brow and eyelids are heavy.

​This is where the experience and training become so important. When done correctly and creatively, BOTOX® should be performed in a balanced fashion so there is less sagging or heaviness of the treated areas.

Of course there will always be a limit to what these neuro-modulators can do and at some point surgical correction of gravitational age related changes becomes a better solution for facial rejuvenation. This is also why I believe it is wise to find a place where both surgical and nonsurgical treatments are offered, so patients will more likely receive the best alternatives available to treat their unique anatomy and circumstances.

These neuromodulators and injectable plumping agents can only be purchased by a licensed physician. Being licensed alone does not make someone a great injector.  As stated above, it is the education, experience, and artistic eye that are the qualities to look for in your BOTOX® provider.

There are terrific nurse injectors who also provide these treatments, but they should be performed under the guidance of a surgeon or physician who also performs these services. Within the offices of MAE Plastic Surgery, we also have Transcend MedSpa, with three highly skilled nurse injectors who perform these treatments right alongside of me.