The Beauty of Voluma

As an aesthetic nurse specialist who has worked with numerous dermal fillers over the years, I must say that Voluma is especially exciting for me and my patients.

As the first and only FDA approved filler for the mid face due to age-related volume loss, Voluma’s results are truly incredible. Time after time, I’ve seen amazing outcomes and patients who are overjoyed with the results.

As we get older, and thanks to gravity, we get more squared off along the jawline and the volume is much more evident in the lower third of the face. Voluma restores the natural contour of the mid face (the ogee curve) which gives a natural, much more youthful appearance. With Voluma, we are replacing volume where it was lost; not where it never was.

What else makes Voluma so special?

There’s very little downtime, virtually no treatment swelling, and it lasts up to two years. What you see is what you get. Patients don’t need to wait for swelling to go down in order to see the beautiful end result.

Voluma has extraordinary lift capacity for the cheeks. It can also soften the jowls and the nasolabial folds (often referred to as smile lines or laugh lines) around the mouth.

Because of its strength and capabilities, less product is needed to achieve results. Voluma is definitely making an impact in the world of dermal fillers and I’m excited to offer it to my patients!