Our InMode Tech: BodyTite

Sleek curves and sexy lines used to be difficult to obtain. Genetic luck combined with hard work or surgical liposuction were two of the only ways to really achieve that ideal body shape. We’re excited to offer our Chicago patients something new. BodyTite from InMode offers a less invasive, still effective body contouring experience.

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What Is BodyTite?

BodyTite is a less invasive body contouring procedure that uses RFAL, short for radio-frequency assisted liposuction, to remove and coagulate fat. It also remodels the tissues, for a smoother and tighter appearance. Traditional liposuction does an excellent job of removing fat but leaves behind significant loose skin, especially in patients with poor skin elasticity. Surgery, like a tummy tuck, creates stunning results but requires an extended period of downtime. BodyTite combines liposuction with radio-frequency to remove fat and tighten skin.

The highlight of the BodyTite system is the special device used to deliver the RF energy. A long, thin cannula is paired with a powerful directional RF spot. The cannula is inserted into the treated tissue and becomes a target for the RF energy that is administered outside of the skin. The device uses directional RF to create the ideal temperature gradient for treatment. Different tissue layers have different heat needs, and this device ensures optimal results while minimizing damage to skin and other tissues.

The Benefits of BodyTite

BodyTite is one of our newer treatment options, and we are so excited to share the benefits of this treatment with you. The benefits of BodyTite include:

  • Gently removes fat from the treatment area.
  • Consistent results without over/under treatment.
  • No heat damage to skin.
  • Short recovery with limited downtime.
  • Dramatic skin tightening.
  • Smaller incisions for a practically scar-free procedure.
  • Better results than traditional liposuction.
  • Lower risk and fewer side effects than more invasive surgical procedures.

Come in for a BodyTite consultation and discover the many unique benefits of this powerful treatment.

What Areas Can BodyTite Treat?

BodyTite can treat stubborn fat in many areas including:

  • Upper arms (bat wings)
  • Love handles
  • Abdomen
  • Thighs
  • Breasts (gynecomastia in men)
  • Back

For contouring and tightening in the facial area, ask us about our FaceTite procedure.

BodyTite vs. FaceTite- How Do These InMode Treatments Compare?

BodyTite and FaceTite are both body shaping treatments from InMode. They share a common goal, shaping, tightening, and contouring an area, but do have a few treatment differences.

  • BodyTite removes fat through the inserted cannula. FaceTite does not remove fat but remodels it through coagulation.
  • Treatment areas for these procedures vary. FaceTite is used on the face, jawline, and lower chin. It works best on small treatment areas. BodyTite offers shaping to the entire body.
  • Both procedures offer long-lasting results that rival the results achieved with more invasive, surgical procedures.

BodyTite FAQs

  • Does BodyTite Leave Visible Scarring?- Noticeable scarring rarely occurs with BodyTite. The cannula is inserted through a very small incision. Beautiful results with little to no scarring.
  • What’s Recovery Like After BodyTite?- The BodyTite treatment reduces downtime and enhances results. Most miss minimal work and return to daily activities quickly. Tenderness, redness, and swelling are common side effects after treatment.
  • Who Is a Good Candidate for BodyTite?- The ideal BodyTite candidate is at a healthy weight but struggles with loose skin, uneven contours, and excess fat. It is especially popular after pregnancy or weight loss because of its skin tightening abilities. Patients with aging skin also benefit dramatically from this procedure.

MAE Plastic Surgery is excited to offer BodyTite in Chicago. Call us to learn more or to schedule a consultation. We can’t wait to transform your body.