Losing Weight with Obalon

You want to lose weight and you know you should, but making it happen can feel impossible. If you’ve tried diets and exercise but can’t seem to get a handle on your weight, ask us about Obalon. This non-surgical, FDA-approved weight loss system is helping patients across Chicago lose weight and feel confident about their appearance.

What Is Obalon?

In the past, weight loss treatments were limited. You could do it on your own or resort to surgery (gastric bypass, lap-band, gastric sleeve), but there were few non-surgical choices for patients that needed help losing weight. When we discovered the Obalon balloon system for weight loss, we were delighted. Finally, a non-surgical way to help our patients drop pounds and achieve a healthier body. This weight loss system is FDA-approved, non-surgical, and fully reversible.

Obalon uses special balloons to fill excess space in the stomach. By taking up space, the balloons help patients to eat less. You’ll feel full sooner as the treatment restricts the number of calories consumed each day. Paired with a healthy lifestyle, diet, and exercise, Obalon can turn the tables on weight loss and make your goals more achievable. When you’re done losing weight, usually after 6 months using the system, the balloons are easily removed.

Since we started using this system, we’ve seen substantial weight loss in our patients that are using Obalon.  Even better, it helps patients to make real lifestyle changes with the help of virtual nutrition counseling (included in our program), creating results that last long after the balloons are removed.

Getting Started with Obalon

If you are committed to losing weight but need some help to make it happen, we’d love to talk with you about Obalon. Call our office and schedule a consultation to learn more about this treatment.

When you come in, we’ll talk about your goals and help you decide if Obalon is best for you. Patients should  have a BMI of 30-40 kg/m2 to qualify for treatment. If the procedure is a good fit, we’ll set up a time to place the balloons.

The Obalon balloons are swallowed, much like a traditional pill. You’ll receive between 1-3 capsules, each attached to a micro-catheter. After each capsule is swallowed, we’ll make sure it is safely in your stomach. The capsule dissolves and the balloon inside is carefully inflated. We place balloons without sedation or anesthesia. Each balloon takes about 10 minutes to place.

After placement, resume your daily activities while Obalon helps you to eat less. We recommend that patients make real lifestyle changes. Eat healthy foods, work on portion control, and get out and move. Nutrient dense foods are a must. Since you’ll be eating less, you need to ensure every bite counts.

The treatment lasts for six months and then the balloons are removed. This requires a quick endoscopic procedure and light sedation. Obalon promotes long-term weight loss. After the balloons are removed, healthy choices will be key to keeping up your results.

Losing weight is hard, but with some help, it is achievable. Come and learn more about Obalon at MAE Plastic Surgery. We’re seeing great results and can’t wait for you to experience them too!