How Does Obalon Work for Weight Loss?

Losing pounds and inches isn’t easy, and anyone that tells you it is hasn’t struggled with their weight. If you’ve tried to lose weight on your own but aren’t seeing results, visit MAE Plastic Surgery and learn more about the Obalon Balloon System. We are excited to provide this innovative, FDA-approved weight loss treatment to our patients. At MAE Plastic Surgery our goal is for each patient to look and feel their best. By achieving your weight loss goals with Obalon, you can improve your appearance and your health.

What Is Obalon?

The Obalon Weight Loss System was designed to help patients lose weight and keep it off. It is the first and only three-balloon procedure on the market that promotes weight loss. It uses up to three swallowable intragastric balloons to fill the stomach, causing you to feel full after consuming less food than usual. The balloons remain in the stomach for about six months and are removed with a simple endoscopic procedure.

Obalon isn’t an alternative to diet and exercise. It is a tool you can use, in conjunction with lifestyle changes, to promote healthier habits. It helps you keep the goals you’ve set so you can finally lose weight.

The Benefits of Obalon

Obalon is an effective tool for weight loss and can help you achieve your goals. The benefits of this weight loss system include:

  • FDA-approved
  • Safe
  • Effective
  • Quick placement and removal of balloons
  • Minimally invasive
  • Does not permanently alter the size of the stomach
  • Promotes long-term weight loss
  • Few side effects
  • Doctor supervised weight loss

Placing and Removing Obalon – What to Expect

We love that Obalon Intragastric Balloons can be easily placed and removed. When you’re ready to start treatment, you’ll come in for a quick visit to place the balloons. In a nearby radiology facility, you will swallow a capsule, similarly sized to a traditional, over-the-counter pill. You’ll swallow between 1-3 capsules, depending on your needs. Each capsule is attached to a micro-catheter. We’ll use x-ray to make sure the balloon is properly in place and then will inflate it using the catheter. The catheter is easily removed once the balloon is inflated. Each balloon takes approximately 10 minutes to place, and you can return to regular activities immediately with no downtime. Sedation is not required.

You’ll keep the Obalon balloons in place for six months while you practice healthier habits and lose weight. After six months, we remove the balloons using a quick, 15-minute endoscopic procedure. Light sedation is needed during removal.

Is Obalon Safe?

At MAE Plastic Surgery, we’re committed to providing safe and effective care. We only offer treatments that have been carefully chosen for their effective results and excellent safety records. Obalon is FDA-approved, safe, and effective.

The most common side effects are temporary nausea and abdominal pain. Get in touch if these symptoms do not subside as expected.

To make Obalon safer for you, we require each patient to have a detailed consultation before we can place the balloons. This allows us to talk with you about the risks and benefits of the procedure. We’ll also examine you and discuss your medical history to ensure that Obalon is a safe and effective choice for you.

Keeping the Weight Off After Obalon

The Obalon balloons remain in the stomach for approximately six months. This is a time for practicing healthier habits and making lifestyle changes.  You will be paired with a nutrition counselor during this time to help with your goals.   Once the balloons are out, it will be up to you to maintain your results. Obalon doesn’t offer a quick fix, but it can help you to change your life. Diet and exercise will be essential for maintaining your results.

Is Obalon Right for Me?

The Obalon Weight Loss System is changing lives, but it isn’t the right fit for every patient. If you meet the qualifications below, call our offices to schedule a consultation and learn more. We’ll help you determine if Obalon can help you lose weight and keep it off.

  • BMI between 30-40
  • Committed to making lifestyle and diet changes
  • Unable to lose weight using traditional methods

If you’ve tried losing weight, but haven’t found success, Obalon may help. You’ll have to work on making permanent changes to your lifestyle, but our patients find the effort is well worth the results. Commit to change today and learn how this treatment can help you achieve your goals. Call us at 847-205-1680 to learn more about Obalon.