Would You Give Plastic Surgery as a Gift?

We have this mentality that the Holidays are a time for giving things, but more and more people are finding that giving unique, personal gifts are the way to go. From cooking classes to romantic getaways, these unique gifts have less of an emphasis on material things, and more on creating memories and experiences.

What should you get for the person that has everything? What about plastic surgery?

This might be a surprise, but there’s a growing trend of people who are giving the gift plastic surgery for the holidays. Rather than the normal holiday staples of socks and sweaters, more and more people are getting the chance to improve their appearance and improve the way they feel about their body.

One thing to keep in mind is that there is certainly a right and a wrong way to give the gift of plastic surgery. If you’re wondering whether to gift plastic surgery to a special someone for the holiday season, we’ve put together some of our best tips for gifting plastic surgery below.

Plastic Surgery Can Make an Excellent Gift, but Not for Everyone

Plastic surgery can be a wonderful gift for someone that wants it, but may be insulting to someone that isn’t thinking about treatment. Before gifting plastic surgery, make sure your recipient is interested. Have they mentioned wanting a procedure? Do they regularly get BOTOX® or chemical peels? If you know someone that loves aesthetic procedures, give the gift of beauty. If not, a scented candle or a nice bottle of wine may be a safer, and more appreciated gift.

Don’t Recommend Treatments

Leave the plastic surgery decisions to the patient and their doctor. If you give the gift of plastic surgery, chip in toward a procedure you know the recipient wants or give a gift certificate. Don’t pay for specific procedures or treatments unless you’ve been told those treatments are wanted.

Wish List

We can’t stress this enough: it’s important that our patients be absolutely sure that they want plastic surgery. And not just sure; they also need to have a healthy attitude as to what plastic surgery can do for them. Many people who consider plastic surgery have suffered from certain conditions that have made them hard to feel proud and confident about their appearance; in most cases, it’s something that they’ve thought of for years.

So, before deciding to gift this major procedure, make absolutely sure that it’s something the recipient has wanted for a long time. Have they explicitly mentioned getting the procedure before? Have they always aspired to getting the procedure but haven’t thanks to certain circumstances?  If so, then plastic surgery might make for an excellent gift.

A Gift for Graduates

Graduating from college is an important transition for anybody; during that time, young millennials are entering the workforce or heading into another important phase in their lives. To help them gain confidence and strength before such trying times, modern parents and grandparents are gifting young graduates with plastic surgery procedures. Times of transition, whether switching to a new school, moving, or simply moving on to another stage of life, are excellent opportunities for younger patients to reinvent themselves. The transition between graduation and the first day on the job is also quite convenient for patients that want to recover fully before starting a new career.

A Little Goes a Long Way

If someone on your holiday gift list is hoping for breast augmentation, a contribution toward the cost can be a thoughtful gift. Plastic surgery is an investment and it may not be one you’re able to cover entirely on your own, especially if you’re giving it as a gift. Give what you can. Little contributions add up and by pooling gifts together, your loved one may be finally able to perfect their breasts or rejuvenate their skin. You don’t have to pay for the full procedure to help someone achieve someone achieve their desired look.

Don’t Forget to Gift Yourself

Treat yourself this holiday season to a procedure you’ve been wanting to have for ages. The holidays isn’t just for friends and family, it’s for you, too. Call our offices today and give yourself the gift of plastic surgery. You deserve some pampering too!

Other Giftable Picks

Surgery isn’t the only way to treat your loved one to the gift of beauty this holiday season. We offer many non-surgical treatments and skincare products that are easily giftable and much appreciated. Consider giving one of the minimally invasive options below:

  • Chemical Peel– With a chemical peel your holidays can be merry and the skin can be bright. This treatment removes the outer layers of skin for refreshed and rejuvenated skin. Chemical peels can be customized to any skin type or color, making them a perfect gift for any recipient.
  • Hydrafacial– Give the gift of flawless skin with a Hydrafacial. This revolutionary treatment enhances, perfects, and heals the skin.
  • BOTOX®– You won’t find fewer wrinkles in a box under the tree, but with BOTOX®, you can erase wrinkles for the holidays. This treatment works best on dynamic wrinkles, those caused by muscle activity.
  • Facial– Who doesn’t love a relaxing facial? This treatment is easy to give and is appreciated by almost everyone, even those that aren’t interested in plastic surgery or cosmetic treatments.

Would you ever give the gift of plastic surgery? For many people, plastic surgery can be the chance to finally feel confident about their appearance; ultimately, the gift of plastic surgery can be the gift of self-esteem, pride, and peace of mind. If you have more questions about a potential procedure, then make sure to talk to a skilled, experienced surgeon that can walk you through all the details.

If you’re in the Chicago area, then you should take a minute to contact MAE Plastic Surgery, which happens to be led by two renowned plastic surgeons: Drs. Epstein and Krochmal. At MAE Plastic Surgery, we’ll take the time to guide you through the intricacies of plastic surgery.