Get the Nose You’ve Always Wanted in 2018

Do you want to start 2018 off right? Kick off the new year by making one of your dreams come true. If you’re dreaming of a new nose, come in and see us to learn more about rhinoplasty. Improve your breathing or change your look!

What Can Rhinoplasty Do for Me?

Do you hate that hump on your nose? Do you get frequent headaches? Rhinoplasty can change your look and your life. We’re sharing some of our favorite rhinoplasty benefits below. Come in for a consultation to discover the personalized benefits that rhinoplasty can offer you.

  • Change nasal appearance
  • Remove humps or bumps
  • Resize the nose
  • Correct asymmetry
  • Repair nasal trauma from injuries
  • Improve breathing function
  • Alleviate headaches, nosebleeds, bad breath, and more
  • Harmonize the nose with other facial features
  • Boost self-image and confidence

If you’re thinking about rhinoplasty, come meet with us to discuss your options. Find out if rhinoplasty is right for you.

Which Type of Rhinoplasty Is Right for Me?

Rhinoplasty is a big umbrella that covers many types of nasal surgery including cosmetic rhinoplasty, functional rhinoplasty, revision rhinoplasty, and ethnic rhinoplasty. What type of rhinoplasty is best for you?

  • Cosmetic Rhinoplasty- A type of rhinoplasty that changes the appearance of the nose. Cosmetic rhinoplasty can reshape and resize the nose and nostrils for a subtle or dramatic change to your appearance. Cosmetic rhinoplasty focuses primarily on cosmetic changes, but since functional issues may arise during surgery, it is important to choose a surgeon that is familiar with both cosmetic and functional rhinoplasty.
  • Functional Rhinoplasty– A type of rhinoplasty that focuses on improving breathing. Functional rhinoplasty addresses structural and functional issues like deviated septum, enlarged nasal turbinates, and nasal trauma. Functional rhinoplasty can be performed on its own, with minimal changes to the appearance of the nose, but is most commonly paired with cosmetic rhinoplasty to improve both form and function of the nose.
  • Ethnic Rhinoplasty– When functional or cosmetic rhinoplasty is performed on a patient from a non-Caucasian heritage, the procedure is commonly called ethnic rhinoplasty. Patients with genetic origins in Spain, the Middle East, Mexico, Africa, Asia and other parts of the world often have a different nasal structure than Caucasians. Beautiful rhinoplasty results are still possible, provided the surgeon knows how to address these unique challenges including thicker or oily skin, increased chances of scarring, weak cartilage, bulbous nasal tip, etc. Choose a surgeon that has performed many rhinoplasties on patients from a similar ethnicity.
  • Revision Rhinoplasty– If you’ve had a previous rhinoplasty and are unhappy with the results, you may need revision rhinoplasty, a type of rhinoplasty that is performed on anyone that has undergone previous nasal surgeries. After surgery, scar tissue can develop, making subsequent rhinoplasties more difficult. There may also be functional and structural issues stemming from your previous surgery, especially if the surgeon was not an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon. Revision rhinoplasty can be performed on patients of any ethnicity and can be done for cosmetic or functional reasons. It is one of the most difficult types of rhinoplasty and requires a highly skilled and experienced surgeon.

Make Your Rhinoplasty Dreams Come True in 2018- The Next Steps

Are you going to learn more about rhinoplasty in 2018? Take the next steps now and get started on your journey to a new nose.

  • Learn More About Rhinoplasty– The first step toward a new nose in 2018 is to learn a little more about rhinoplasty. Our website is an excellent place to start. Learn more about rhinoplasty, ethnic rhinoplasty, and revision rhinoplasty
  • Schedule a Consultation– If you’re still interested in rhinoplasty, call our offices to schedule a consultation. During your consultation we’ll examine your nose, make treatment recommendations, explain the cost of the procedure, and more. Your consultation provides an opportunity to get personalized advice and to ask any questions you may have about the procedure.
  • See Your New Nose– One of the most exciting parts of a rhinoplasty consultation is the opportunity to see your new nose. We use computer imaging to show you a 3D image of your rhinoplasty results. Not only does this make communication easier, it also helps many patients to decide if rhinoplasty is right for them.
  • Schedule Your Rhinoplasty– Make your rhinoplasty dreams come true. After your consultation, you can schedule your procedure. You’re going to love your new nose.

Call us today to schedule your rhinoplasty consultation with top Chicago rhinoplasty surgeon Dr. Epstein. A new nose and a new look are a great way to start the new year.