Broken Nose? Discover Reconstructive Rhinoplasty

Accidents happen. Sports injuries, car accidents, and physical altercations are primary causes of facial trauma. When facial trauma occurs, the nose is often involved. Nasal fractures account for more than 50% of all facial fractures on adults. Nasal trauma can have lasting aesthetic and functional consequences. If you have a broken nose, come see us for reconstructive rhinoplasty.

Why You Need a Skilled Surgeon for Reconstructive Rhinoplasty

If you’ve experienced recent nasal trauma or have old nasal injuries, come see Dr. Epstein and learn more about reconstructive rhinoplasty. This type of rhinoplasty can be especially complex and requires a highly skilled and experienced surgeon for successful results. Why is reconstructive rhinoplasty difficult? Here are a few of the challenges that surgeons face performing this specialized procedure:

  • Swelling
  • Collapsed Internal Nasal Structures– Nasal trauma can significantly damage the internal structure of the nose. Inadequate support can lead to secondary collapse after surgery. As scarring develops, it can place strain on the already compromised nasal structure. Even with a skilled surgeon, reoperation may be necessary, especially in cases of complex trauma.
  • Age Related Challenges– Working on young or old patients can complicate reconstructive rhinoplasty. Special care is needed on younger patients to avoid interfering with the facial growth centers. Older patients may have short, brittle bones and a difficult time healing.
  • Need for Advanced Rhinoplasty Techniques– Surgeons must be familiar with advanced rhinoplasty techniques like grafting and nasal implants.
  • Limitations for Results– Nasal injuries can leave a permanent, lasting mark. Surgeons must be familiar with their options and have an understanding of what can and cannot be achieved. Perfect aesthetic and functional results aren’t always possible after nasal trauma.

Immediate Treatment or Delayed Treatment?

After a nasal injury, many patients are anxious for rhinoplasty. However, there are times that it is better to wait. Dr. Epstein will examine your nose and injuries and determine if you would best benefit from immediate rhinoplasty or delayed rhinoplasty. In many cases, waiting can lead to better results and fewer complications.

If you’ve experienced nasal trauma, come see us at MAE Plastic Surgery and explore your options. Proper treatment for nasal injuries is important for maintaining nasal function and reducing aesthetic problems. Call us today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Epstein, top rhinoplasty surgeon in Chicago.

Dr. Michael Epstein and Dr. Daniel Krochmal are plastic surgeons at MAE Plastic Surgery in Northbrook, IL, which is a suburb in the North Shore of Chicago. While both doctors perform aesthetic plastic surgery on all areas of the body, Dr. Epstein specializes in facelift procedures and rhinoplasty (nose shaping), while Dr. Krochmal specializes in body contouring including tummy tucks, liposuction, and butt shaping (both implants and the Brazilian Butt Lift fat transfer). Both doctors perform breast augmentation and breast reduction surgery. We are proud sponsors of Eric and Kathy’s Chips, Dip and a Mexico Trip on 101.9 The Mix, Chicago’s top morning radio show.