Boost Your Confidence in 2017 with a Mommy Makeover


Dream big for 2017 and come to us to make it happen. If you’re wishing for a better body after having a baby, it may be time to consider a mommy makeover. We’ll choose a customized set of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures to reshape and restore your body after having a baby, reversing many of the common changes women experience during pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding. Feel more confident and love the way you look again in 2017.

Will a Mommy Makeover Fix It?

Pregnancy and breastfeeding can lead to some serious body changes. Will a mommy makeover fix your biggest complaints?

  • Sagging Breasts– Breast changes are very common after pregnancy. Sagging breasts can be corrected with breast enhancement surgery, generally a breast lift. This lift can be done on its own or paired with other breast surgeries.
  • Loss of Breast Volume– Are your breasts smaller than they were before pregnancy? We can increase your breast size and enhance your shape with breast augmentation. During this procedure an implant is placed into the breasts to restore a more youthful breast shape or to increase size.
  • Oversized Breasts– Women with very large breasts often include breast reduction surgery in their mommy makeover. This surgery removes excess breast tissue and reshapes the breasts. It can relieve back, neck, and shoulder pain and may help clothing to fit better.
  • Stretch Marks– Stretch mark removal isn’t a primary goal of a mommy makeover, but many women receiving abdominoplasty do notice a reduction in their stretch marks, especially those beneath the belly button. As we remove excess skin, we remove the stretch marks on that skin.
  • Stretched Out Abdominal Skin– Abdominal changes are very common after pregnancy. A tummy tuck, also called abdominoplasty, removes excess skin, tightens abdominal muscles, and restores a flattened appearance to your mid-section.
  • Unwanted Fat– Hormonal changes during pregnancy can leave stubborn, unwanted fat deposits. Liposuction can remove this fat to reshape the body. Liposuction isn’t a weight loss treatment and is best performed on patients that are close to their ideal weight.
  • Changes to the Labia– Did you experience changes “down there”? Many women experience stretching of the labia, a condition that can be very uncomfortable and can inhibit exercise and sexual activity. Labiaplasty can reform the labia, increasing comfort and boosting confidence during those intimate moments.

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What’s Recovery Like After a Mommy Makeover?

We know you’re busy and don’t have time for a lot of downtime. We’ll carefully explain recovery times and options before surgery. We’ll work with you to create a surgical plan that meets your goals and works with your lifestyle.

Recovery times vary greatly after a mommy makeover, depending on the procedures performed. Generally you’ll need about two weeks off from work and regular activities. You may also need some help around the house and with childcare, especially if you have small children. The good news is, after surgery you’ll be back on your feet quickly and enjoying the confidence that comes from loving your body again.

Get your body back in 2017. Call to schedule your mommy makeover consultation today.