4 Common Plastic Surgery Procedures for Men

In our practice, located in the Chicago, IL area, we have seen an increase in men requesting plastic surgery procedures. This may be because men are taking better care of themselves and would like to look the way they feel but I also believe that men having Plastic Surgery is becoming a more acceptable social norm.  Leave it to women to show us the way.   Here are some of the most common procedures that men request at MAE Plastic Surgery:

  1. Blepharoplasty: Eyelid Rejuvenation
    As men grow older, we show signs of aging around our upper eyelids through sagging brows, protuberant fat bags, and loose hanging skin. Blepharoplasty of the upper lids can often restore the upper eyelids to their more youthful appearance. Occasionally, a brow lift, otherwise known as a forehead lift may be necessary to get full rejuvenation.  Lower eyelid signs of aging  can also be addressed by the removal or transposition of excess fat that may be the cause of an older, more tired appearance. Procedures like these often improve one’s self confidence and general outlook on life.
  2. Rhinoplasty: Nose Surgery
    It is not that uncommon for a young man to be bothered by the shape and size of his nose. Very often these shape deformities can be associated with some difficulties breathing through one or both nostrils.  During a consultation an analysis of the entire face is conducted to inspect for other disproportionate features that may affect the perceived appearance of the nose. For example, sometimes a nose that may appear larger than it is may be caused by a small or under projected chin. In a case like this I would suggest a rhinoplasty in combination with a chin augmentation.  Nose reshaping surgery is a meticulous procedure and requires an expert understanding of the many details that allow the nose to both be pleasing in appearance and function well.  During the consultation, I will address how I’ll conduct the surgery, providing shape without feminizing the male structure of the nose.  If you are troubled by the shape and size of your nose, please call us and schedule a consultation for a rhinoplasty procedure.  I would love to help you out.
  3. Neck Lifts
    If you are having trouble with dress shirts that fit uncomfortably when you put on a tie, this procedure may be beneficial for you. Generally, a man should have a strong jaw line and a defined chin-neck angle. This characteristic is usually accompanied by self-confidence and success. A neck lift removes hanging skin, with or without excess fat, essentially restoring a youthful, energizing look. There are different ways to perform a neck lift that are dependent on the severity of the problem.  There are even some nonsurgical options in the right candidates.  Most of these procedures have very little pain associated with them and do not require downtime beyond 2 weeks.
  4. Liposuction
    This has always been a popular procedure for men, especially around the love handles and anterior chest wall (man boobs). Over the years liposuction has become more refined to the point that we can often times create a more sculpted and even chiseled appearance.  Men usually have better skin tone than women so the areas that are sculpted by liposuction tend to respond very well and leave the male patient with the look they desire but could not get with diet and exercise.

At our practice, in the Chicago – Northbrook, IL area, we are glad to see an increase of men who seek to achieve cosmetic results appropriate for a masculine figure. No one should be ashamed of wanting to look and feel their best. If you think you’d be a good candidate for these procedures and are located in the Chicago, IL area, call our office today to set up a consultation.