Will I be in a lot of pain after a Facelift?

I have performed hundreds of facelifts during my career as a board certified plastic surgeon, and pain is very subjective. Not everyone experiences the same level of pain, and not everyone has the same threshold or tolerance.  Truthfully, there are patients who experience no pain at all after a facelift and some that are very uncomfortable and require oral pain medication for relief.  The discomfort that most patients feel is usually a pulling sensation from the swelling and from the sutures, which are used to tighten the neck. This type of pain typically subsides within a couple of weeks.

It’s important to remember that bruising and swelling in the affected area are normal and are to be expected. These symptoms will fade within 1-2 weeks. The sutures and/or staples will be removed 5-7 days after surgery, sometimes longer if necessary. I allow my patients to return to light activity within a few days, and to full activity 3-4 weeks after surgery. By this time, there should be no pain whatsoever.