What to Expect for Your First Plastic Surgery Appointment

While I cannot speak for other offices and other doctors’ offices, at My Aesthetic Experience (MAE Plastic Surgery), you can expect an inviting educational experience. It is our goal that you feel welcome and at ease with whomever you are meeting with in consultation in our practice so that we have the best opportunity to learn about your concerns and you are able to better comprehend the recommendations for a treatment plan. Actually, before you even enter the office, our front office staff will greet you on the phone and do their best at both being discreet and making your appointment at the best available time. We will ask you to go to our website where you can get more information about us and your procedures of interest. Additionally, we will ask you to go to our completely confidential patient portal so that you can fill out necessary information to make the consultation go more smoothly and save you time. This can all be done in the privacy of your own home on the web.

When you check into our office, we will do our best to get you in the consultation room at your scheduled time. During the consultation, we will review the information that you provided on the portal and address your concerns by discussing them in a one on one conversation with your Doctor or Nurse provider. You can expect to have the areas of concern to be examined and then recommendations will be made with your input. We may take photographs or 3D imaging if necessary to help you better understand the treatment plan. The doctors use this great tool, called TouchMD, where diagrams and pictures can be displayed during the consultation, again to improve understanding. When you get home you will have been given a pass code to re enter TouchMD ( if you want ) so that you can revisit many of the things that were discussed during the consultation.

Before you leave, you will most likely meet with a patient care coordinator, Jill or Elyse, who will give you pricing or insurance coverage information about your proposed procedures. They are also knowledgeable about many of the procedures and they will be your point of contact to then schedule your next visit and or surgery. It is our hope that you will feel comfortable and secure in our abilities so that we become your Plastic Surgery provider and MedSpa of choice.